Zodiacal Practices




ZODIACAL COURSE by Samael Aun Weor


We dedicate this course of esoteric education to humanity and very especially to all those disillusioned of schools, religions, lodges and sects; theirs is this course of intimate self-education and true practical knowledge.

There are two types of knowledge: The Eye Doctrine and the Heart Doctrine. The eye doctrine is for those who are satisfied with spiritual theories and the heart doctrine is for authentic initiates. To the eye doctrine belong all the members of the so-called spiritual schools and as variable is their concept as is the opinion of writers. To the heart doctrine belong all the masters of the Universal White Fraternity because within it is enclosed the primeval truths of this unique knowledge. One comes to us through deduction and the other through intuition. The former is produced by the intellect and the latter by the

Internal Master; one is human, the other is divine.

The eye doctrine strengthens the mind. Because of it, the mind is the abode of desire: she thinks, reasons, analyzes, draws conclusions and leads to erred action. She wants to resolve everything by herself, without taking into consideration the voice of the Internal Master. The Internal Master does not analyze, or reason because his voice is the voice of intuition. The heart doctrine opens the doors to the hail of knowledge.

Schools have already given all they had to offer. The centers of knowledge are now converted to business places, each with its tyrant that forbids its adepts and students to go out in search of knowledge; the prohibitions here, the excommunications and threats there, always leaving things for tomorrow, making a big issue out of the password, the protective amulet, the non-plus-ultra..., of the secrets that no other school possesses. We are not looking for flatterers of masters nor are we interested in hard-hearted henchmen. We are guiding pillars. We indicate with logical thought and exact concept the path to follow so that each person arrives at his Internal Master, he who lives in silence within each of you. We inform you that knowledge belongs to the Inner Self and that virtues and gifts are not a matter of false pretense and false humility but that they are terrible realities, that convert us into powerful and gigantic oaks so that the frailties of the mind, the threats of black magicians, the envy of tyrants can shatter against our strong personality.

This course is for all the rebels of all schools, for those who do not believe in masters, for those dissatisfied with all beliefs, for those who still have left in them a little manhood and a spark of love.

We are not interested in anyone’s money, nor are we interested in monthly fees, or brick temples, of cement or clay, because we are conscious visitors in the cathedral of the soul and we know that wisdom is of the soul. Flattery tires us, praises should only belong to our Father who is in secret and watches us minutely. We are not in search of followers, we only want each person to follow himself, his own

Internal Master, his sacred Inner Self because he is the only one that can save and glorify us.

“I do not follow anyone, therefore no one should follow me”. Men offer human knowledge and God - the bread of life; the truth shall set you free. We do not want more comedies, pretenses, nor false mysticisms and false schools. Now we want living realities, we want to prepare ourselves to see, hear and touch the reality of those truths. Let us take the sword of our will to break all the links of the world and launch ourselves head-on to a terrible battle for liberation, because we know that salvation is within man.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor



It is urgent to awaken consciousness in each of the twelve parts of the human organism

and that is the purpose of the zodiacal exercises.


Twelve Parts of the Human Organism: 

  • Aries: Governs the head
  • Taurus: The throat
  • Gemini: The arms, legs and lungs
  • Cancer: The thymus gland
  • Leo: The heart
  • Virgo: The abdomen, the intestines
  • Libra: The kidneys
  • Scorpio: The sexual organs
  • Sagittarius: The major femoral arteries
  • Capricorn: The knees
  • Aquarius: The calves and ankles
  • Pieces: The feet 


Beloved disciple:

On entering these studies of esoteric Astrology, I should give you a few prior instructions that will serve as positive orientation in these classes. In the stellar nucleus of all sidereal sun, planet, every lunar satellite or comet, there always exists a “heart temple” which is the secret dwelling of a sidereal genie. Thus, the entire infinite is a system of hearts. This is why esoteric Astrology is the religion of light and the heart.


Each of our sidereal planets has its Sidereal Ruler:

  • Gabriel is the Ruler of the Moon
  • Raphael is the Ruler of Mercury
  • Uriel is the Ruler of Venus
  • Michael is the Ruler of the Sun
  • Samael is the Ruler of Mars
  • Zachariel is the Ruler of Jupiter
  • Orifiel is the Ruler of Saturn 


These are the seven spirits before the throne of God. As we have already said, each of them dwells in a heart-temple, and because of it, esoteric Astrology is the religion of light and love. These are the seven angels who distribute among them the governing of the world in seven different eras, since the entire history of the world is summarized in seven eras. The seven planets are the cords of a divine lyre where the word of the creator resounds with its most ineffable melody. The entire solar system happens to be the celestial body of the great Being: the “Logos” of the solar system, the “Ineffable”. The solar system seen from afar, looks like a man walking through the ineffable infinite. The seven spirits before the throne, happen to be, we can say, their ministers and the rulers of the cosmic evolution of this solar system. Very well; thou know that every wheel has its axis, and because of this, thou will, therefore, understand that the base of motion resides at the center of every mass. Mass can only be dominated from its center and the center of all mass is the spirit. Due to this, we affirm that a heart temple, which is the dwelling of the genie of the star, exists in every sidereal center. These celestial genii are precisely the authentic governors of the infinite, and rulers and lords of our own human destinies. Profane astrologers will tell you, for example, that a quadrature of Saturn with Mars brings you a catastrophe, or that an opposition of Venus and Mars, a failure, in love, etc., but these forecasts by profane astrology can fail even when the mathematical calculations are exact, because these sidereal forces are not blind forces. These forces are precisely the rays of the planetary genii, and these masters can modify all human events even when the horoscope is full of quadratures and oppositions. So that Arithmetic Astrology is not exact; for which reason I consider that one cannot be an authentic Astrologer without being a magician in Alchemy. Lamblichus, the great magician, invoked the planetary genii and materialized them in the physical world to talk to them, and it was through them that he accomplished his great marvels. Divine magic can only be practiced through the “Inner Self” of the “magician”, and the

Inner Self is our spirit, our “Superior Self”, our Angel. It is also true that Nature is a great alchemical laboratory where essences exist and events of all types are combined.

In the schools of inner instruction, we are made to learn these golden rules:

“The Lion of the Law is combated with the Scale”.

“When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law”. 

The absolute comprehension of these two golden rules allows us to neutralize the disastrous effects of all the quadratures and oppositions of our personal horoscope. This means that through these golden rules we can destroy Karma and we can triumph in life. Record these two golden rules properly in your mind, for I will teach you how to manipulate its formulae in the coming lessons. This course of Esoteric Astrology will convert you into magicians and alchemists and will develop all your occult powers. Thou shalt then know how to make thyself invisible, how to invoke and materialize the planetary Gods in the physical world, how to talk with them; how to kill Karma, and the secret art of succeeding in life through certain mysterious formulae that will permit thee to manipulate the sidereal rays for thy own ends and to help others.

Now, to end this preamble of our present lesson, I will tell thee, that two columns exist at the door (portico) of all sidereal time: one white and the other black. The column at the right is called “JACHIN” and the left column is called “BOAZ”.

You should also know, good disciple, that there is a guardian at each column. The guardian at the right column holds the staff of justice in his hands, and the one at the left holds a book in his hands.

Jachin and Boaz are the two “passwords” that will permit thee to enter the heart temple of each star to manipulate rays and provoke events in the physical world.

Beloved Disciple:

In the past lecture I promised I would give thee the clues of these two golden rules:

The Lion of the Law is combated with the Scales; When an Inferior Law is transcended by a Superior Law, the Superior Law washes away the Inferior Law. The solution to these two golden rules is found in a third which says: 

“Do good deeds to pay your debts”. 

Very well, now imagine a scale: On one pan lie your good deeds and, on the other, your bad deeds and your corresponding Karma. If the Karmic pan is inclined against you, then you will be able to fight it by placing more weight on the pan of good deeds and then thou shall incline the scale in thy favor and

thus kill Karma. A temple of the Lords of Karma exists in the subtle world and the jackal is great chief of

these judges of destiny. This great Being is supreme Judge of the Cosmic Tribunal; he has the appearance of a great man with the head of a jackal. When we have accumulated capital in the Cosmic Bank, we pay our debts and avoid pain. Those who live daily making “new deposits” to the Cosmic Bank will always have something with which to pay their old debts. In this matter of paying debts, one should

always keep in mind the law of “Analogies” and of “Correspondences”. The Karmic analogies are fought with Dharmic analogies. Karma and Dharma: these two oriental terms mean punishment and reward. In a more philosophical form we would say: bad action and bad consequence, and modifying the causes, one modifies the effects, since the effects are nothing else but causes reproduced in another form. Are you going to be made a prisoner? Give freedom to another ! Is your son going to die? Heal your fellowman! Are you in misery? Give all that you have left to the hungry and sacrifice all your efforts in favor of others. Beg, in prayer, to the Lords of Karma and you will be heard.

Do not forget, beloved disciple, that justice is the supreme mercy and impiety of the law.

So, I have already taught you the two golden rules and I have explained to you how to kill Karma.

In the following lessons I will be teaching you how to manage the sidereal rays. 

He who has, receives and the more he gives, the more he receives: that is the law.

But those who do works of evil shall be victims of their own deeds ! 

Why do people suffer? Why do they blaspheme against God if human suffering is not God’s fault? We ourselves are the creators of our own destiny. Sanctify thyself, beloved disciple, Sanctify thyself! 

There are three eternal things in life: the LAW, NIRVANA AND SPACE.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor 



The disciple will sit comfortably in a chair and will then concentrate his Mind on his INNER-SELF, saying:

“You who art myself, my true BEING. Leave my body, enter the doors of the heart temple of (here one names the planet which one will work with in those instants).” Then the words, JACHIN, BOHAZ are pronounced. Next, the Magician asks the Sidereal Genie with whom one is working, for the desired service: love, journeys, business, etc. The magician will clamor several times asking for: CHORUS, CHORUS, CHORUS; and the angels will work, but according to the Law. The planetary LOGOS will send choruses of angels to work with the magician, to dominate and overcome. This is how one works with the ray of the stars. This is how our disciples can solve their particular problems.

  • GABRIEL is the angel of the MOON.
  • RAPHAEL is the angel of MERCURY.
  • URIEL is the angel of VENUS.
  • MICHAEL is the angel of the SUN.
  • SAMAEL is the angel of MARS.
  • ZACIIARIEL is the angel of JUPITER.
  • ORIFIEL is the angel of SATURN.



  • THE MOON. Journeys, manual arts, novelists, liquid-related businesses, matters related with maternity, agriculture, illnesses of the stomach and of the brain, etc.
  • MERCURY. Journalism, intellectualism, businesses, quarrels, journeys and all types of matters related with the Mind.
  • VENUS. Loves, marriages, women, perfumes, music, plastic arts, dramatic arts, poetry.
  • THE SUN. High dignitaries, mystical matters, social position, high Hierarchs, etc.
  • MARS. Wars, military matters, police matters, quarrels, leaders, works related with the dollar bill and the coin, big businesses, matters related with judges, and with tribunals, etc.
  • JUPITER. High civil and ecclesiastic military persons, matters related with the dollar bill and the coin, big businesses, matters related with judges and with tribunals, etc.
  • SATURN. Matters related with lands, matters related to mines, funerary matters, angels of death, etc.

 The magician should learn to handle the sparkle of the stars, because the angels of the stars are the absolute governors of the world.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor 






From the 21 of March to the 19 of April.

Rules: The Head

Metal: Iron

Stone: Ruby and Diamond

Perfume: Myrrh

Plant: The Oak

Flower: The Red Carnation

Planet: Mars

Color: Red

Element: Fire

Key Word: Action

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Samael 


ARIES: March 21st to April 19th

The persons born under this sign are impulsive and choleric; they become irritated with facility. These persons are capable of starting off new corporations and taking them to a good end. The children of ARIES triumph in the military and are very energetic and dynamic. The metal of this sign is iron. Those born in Aries are bad lucked in love because they end up fighting. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic Samael Aun Weor


Beloved Disciple,

We now enter in full into our esoteric teachings of the constellation of Aries. This zodiacal sign governs the head, is the house of the warrior Mars, iron is its metal, ruby its stone and fire is its nature.

Due to this, the natives of Aries are of war-like nature, become strongly angered and since, they possess a great Martian energy, they feel capable of embarking on great undertakings and they take them to a good end. In general, they are not happy in love, since the easy instability they possess leads them into displeasures and marital separations.

During this sign, the disciple will have to charge his head with light to awaken his pituitary and pineal glands. The power of clairvoyance resides in these two small glands. Both glands are joined by an extremely fine duct, which has already disappeared in corpses. When both glands intermingle their luminous auras, man becomes clairvoyant and then perceives all the marvels of the subtle world. He will then know all the secrets, thoughts of men and women and will be able to see and talk to the sidereal Gods. Who will be able to hide his secret away from him? An enlightened clairvoyant is full of light and fire.




The disciple should sit on a comfortable chair and remain thoughtless for five minutes.

He should then pray to his Inner Self as follows: 

“Father, you who are my true being, I beg that you transport yourself to the main star of the constellation of Aries, to bring the principal genie of that constellation to this humble house, so that he may heal my brain and awaken all the occult powers of my head”.

Then, with interlaced hands above his heart, the disciple will make a small bow of the head saluting the guardian at the right column, inhaling deeply, as in a sigh and immediately pronounces the password: JACHIN. Immediately, he will make an identical salute to the guardian on the left and pronounce the password: BOAZ. He will once again pray to his Inner Self like this: 

“Father, take the seven sacred steps within, towards the interior of the temple and kneel down at the feet of the principal genie of Aries, begging him to come and awaken the powers of my brain and to flood my head with light”. 

Then the disciple pronounces the mantra: AOM. 

This mantra is pronounced properly opening the mouth with the vowel “A”, rounding it off with the vowel “O”, and closing it with the letter “M”, like this:AAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM. 

This mantra is pronounced four times with the intention that the light flood our entire brain, 

Next, the disciple will stand up; extend his right hand forward and move his head seven times forward, seven times backwards, seven rotations to the right and seven times to the left, with the intention that light flood and act within all the glands of the brain. 

The pineal gland is influenced by Mars and the pituitary by Venus. The pituitary produces sleepiness and the pineal gland incites us to fight; and in this manner, while Venus wants to sleep, Mars wants to continue fighting. 

During this sign, the disciple should vocalize daily for one hour, the vowel “I”, like this: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…..


This vowel will cause your pineal gland to vibrate and finally you will become clairvoyant.

Developed, the pineal gland converts us into super-men, and atrophied, it converts us into idiots. It is found developed in the chaste and atrophied in fornicators. Therefore, good disciple, if you want to convert thyself into an angel, thou are totally prohibited from all coitus.

The pineal gland is the window of Brahma: a fountain of accumulation for the magician and the disciple should practice before going to bed nightly, this other exercise:


Nightly Exercise:

Sit on a comfortable chair, during half an hour. Close your eyes. Remove all thought from your mind. Then, imagine that the fire from the constellation of Aries descends from heaven and penetrates in the igneous columns through your pineal gland. This gland is situated in the superior portion of the brain and the power to see the ultra of all things resides in it. If the disciple carries out the exercises of Aries with tenacity and constancy, he will become an enlightened clairvoyant. During these exercises, the disciple will be assisted by the hierarchies of Aries and they will awaken his powers and heal his brain with special treatments. The disciple will also be able to use the power of those hierarchies to heal others. 

Aries is the house of Mars and Mars is the planet of war. The red hierarchies of Mars, gave man the astral body; Samael is the supreme chief of the astral plane; he and his warriors. Meditating daily on the tattwa Tejas, we activate the powers of the astral body. The tattwa Tejas or igneous ether is the cause causorum of all flame. The astral plane is the ardent world.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor



The work with our own Zodiac begins precisely with Aries. The disciple should sit in a comfortable armchair with the mind still and in silence, empty of all kinds of thoughts.

The devotee should close his eyes in order that nothing of the world distract him; imagine that the very pure light of Aries floods the cerebrum; he should remain in that state of meditation all the time he wants and then he will sing the powerful mantram AUM by opening the mouth properly with the A, rounding it with the U and closing it with the holy M.

The powerful mantram AUM is in itself a terribly divine creation because it attracts the forces of the very beloved Father, of the very adored Son and of the very wise Holy Spirit.

The vowel “A” attracts the forces of the Father, the vowel “U” attracts the forces of the Son, the vowel “M” attracts the forces of the Holy Spirit. AUM is a powerful Logoic Mantram.

The devotee should sing this powerful mantram four times during this exercise of Aries and then, standing up towards the East, he will extend his right arm forward moving his head forward seven times, seven times backwards, turning it seven times towards the right, turning it seven times towards the left, with the intention that the light of Aries will work within the cerebrum awakening the pineal and pituitary glands which permit us the perception of the superior dimensions of space.

It is urgent for the Light of Aries to develop within our cerebrum awakening our Consciousness, developing the secret powers contained in the Pituitary and Pineal glands.

Aries is the symbol of RA, RAMA, the lamb. By properly singing the powerful mantram RA, it causes the spinal fires and the seven magnetic centers of the dorsal spine to vibrate.

-Hermetic Astrology, Samael Aun Weor







From the 20 of April to the 20 of May

Rules: The Neck, Nape and Ears

Metal: Copper

Stone: Emerald and Agate

Perfume: Aromatic Herb

Plant: Birch

Flower: Thorned

Planet: Venus

Color: Green

Element: Earth

Key Word: Love

Day: Friday

Ruler: Uriel 


TAURUS: April 20th to May 20th

Taurines are gluttons; they love what is beautiful and gorgeous. Taurines love much and suffer much because they go through great amorous deceptions. When Taurines become furious, they are real furious bulls. Taurines are like the ox: hardworking and tenacious. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor

Now, let us begin explaining the exercises of the constellation of Taurus. The cortege of stars that form the constellation of Taurus is the house of Venus, the ineffable star of love, the break of dawn and consequently, Taurus is of Venusian nature. Taurines are of amorous and Venusian nature due to this. They love much in love and always pass through great deceptions Taurines are tame and industrious like the bull, that symbolizes that group of stars, but, at times, they are also “aggressive” like the bull, they are tenacious and gluttons, romantic and sensual. They love music, dance and beauty. They have an ability for all types of manual arts. 

Taurus rules the larynx and the neck. The larynx is also a sexual uterus where the verb is born. The creative larynx will be the sexual organ of the future divine humanity. The sexual fire of the kundalini becomes a creator in the word. In our works titled “The Perfect Matrimony”, “The Revolution of Bel”, and “Treatise of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic”, we already have extensively spoken about the Kundalini and we taught the Great Arcanum or supreme secret for the awakening of the asleep princess of the Kundalini The verb is intimately related with the four elements of Nature and due to this, the initiates of the ancient temples of mystery were prohibited from talking about the old catastrophes of ancient Arcadia in fear that they would bring them back into existence. The ancient hierophants knew too well that the verb is related to the four elements of Nature, and that talking about a catastrophe is as much as evoking it again. For this reason, the “initiates” never spoke publicly about the archaic cataclysms. A hard word follows us and later falls upon him who pronounced it, like a ray of

vengeance. One does not only fornicate with the sexual act: there is another kind of fornication with

the verb. The improper use of words is also fornication: Fornication with the verb creates astral

larvae and misfortunes. It hurts to see how people abuse the verb and fill the world with

pain. Slander is the worst of all blasphemies. One should achieve in oneself the perfection of the verb and language. One should comprehend the responsibility of the verb. One should learn to use the sexual organ of the verb.… 

In this course, we have arrived at the constellation of Taurus. This sign governs the neck and a new struggle between Venus and Mars repeats itself here. Venus governs the thyroid gland and Mars governs the parathyroids. It is an eternal struggle between Venus and Mars. While some glands produce saliva, others dry it. This struggle takes place in all of our organism. Venus is related to Love and Mars to war. The Astrologer should learn how to use the sparkle of the stars.

Do you know of any home where bitterness reigns? Do you want to serve disinterestedly? Do you know of a poor woman abandoned in misery by a suitor? Do you want to help her? Listen to me well, beloved disciple, for I will teach you how to use the sparkle of Venus.



Sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes. Set aside all earthly thought from your mind and focus your thought on your Internal Master, praying like this: 


“Dear Father, you who art my true Being, I beg you with all my heart and with all my soul, that you penetrate in the “heart temple” of the star of Venus so that you may kneel at the feet of “Uriel” and ask of him the following favor: (One asks for the favor one desires)”.


Then, the disciple mentally salutes the guardian at the right column, will take a deep breath and pronounce the password Jachin”. Next, he will do the same with the guardian at the left column and pronounces the password: “Boaz”, in other words, first the deep breath, then he will pray to his Internal Master telling him: 

“Lord, take the seven steps into the temple to make the petition. My Father, my Lord, my God”. 

Once the petition has been made, one asks “Uriel” with one’s whole heart for a choir of Angels to accomplish the work. (Singing, they create). 

If the Angel of Venus grants our petition, the choir of Angels, who are his sons and live with him in the temple of the nucleus of the star of Venus, will begin to sing in “sacred language” to do the work we have asked. That is how the army of the word creates by means of the verb.

If any profane observer was to observe the heavens in those instants, he would see the planet Venus shining and glowing in an intensified and rare manner. The observer would simply be amazed on contemplating the original sparkle of Venus in those instants. The indigo-colored hierarchies of the star of Venus gave us the Causal Body or Body of Will. They grant what we ask for, when Karma allows it. 

However, if our petition is not granted, then Uriel will show the disciple “the clock of destiny” and, in this case, we have no other option but to bow down our head before the verdict of the Law. 

In the actual world, there is a great number of schools that try to accomplish these same “miracles” by mental force, without taking into account at all, the approval of the Lords of Destiny. That is simply, pure and legitimate black magic. The christ-mind works well with the law. Black mental waves do not arrive where they are sent because a multitude of aerial “elementals”, that trap and intercept their path, exist in the subtle world. Innumerable forces, which divert or disintegrate destructive mental waves, also exist in space. Therefore, evil waves can only cause harm when the victim does not know how to love nor forgive. 

Mental energy is absolutely deficient when it does not work with the energy of the Inner Self. The miracle worker utilizes mental energy, but uniting it with the Inner Self. That is the wise mind. The miracle worker works only with the divine powers of his “Inner Angel” and his christ-mind. The saintly masters of the white brotherhood cooperate with the magician and his christ-mind. The sidereal genii perform their miracles with the ray of justice when the magician officiates on the altar of the “Lion of the Law”. 

Let us now enter the exercises of Taurus. During this month, the following exercise is done:



The disciple should sit on a comfortable chair. Close your eyes, remove all thought from your mind, make yourself a little drowsy and then focus your mind inwards, towards the Inner Self, praying like this: 


“My Father, now transport yourself to the principal star of Taurus, enter through the

doors of the heart-temple making the salutes which you already know and beg the

sidereal genie and his angels of that star to condescend and come to me, so that they may

“prepare” me and cure my larynx.”


Then, already sleepy, the disciple should imagine seeing light accumulated in his head now descending to his throat, while he pronounces the word: A.O.M. With the vowel “A” he imagines the light descending from his head to his throat; with the vowel “O”, he will imagine the light flooding his throat; and with the vowel “M”, the disciple will exhale the breath as if expiring the refuse that resides in his throat. This mantram is pronounced four times. 

I will warn my disciple that the salutes as I have described them when I spoke of Venus, along with the passwords “Jachin” and “Boaz”, apply to all the stars in the sky. 

Therefore, the genii of the constellation of Taurus will personally come to awaken the powers of the larynx and if the disciple has any laryngeal illness, he can ask of these genii of Taurus to be cured and they will cure him. The disciple will also be able to take advantage of these powers to heal others. 

The disciple should daily vocalize the vowel “E”, like this: EEEEEEEEE…, for one hour. 

The vibratory sound of this vowel will awaken the power of the occult ear in him.

The vowel “E” causes the Thyroid gland, which is the center of the magical ear, to vibrate.

The vowel “E” also develops clairvoyance of the mental body in us.

The vowel “E” makes the mental body vibrate and gives us conceptual synthetism and the power to penetrate the Intimate sense of words.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor



Taurus invites us to Reflection. Let us remember that Mercury stole the Cows of the Sun.

Taurus governs the Creative Larynx.

It is urgent for the Kundalini to flourish in our fecund lips made Verb; it is only in this manner that we can use the Jam fire to enter the Kingdom of the Jinas.

In this period of Taurus we should take light to our creative larynx with the purpose of preparing it for the advent of the Fire.

The disciple should sit in a comfortable armchair; he should close his physical eyes in order for nothing of this vain and stubborn world to distract him; he should empty the mind, cast out of his mind all kinds of thoughts, desires, worries, etc. He should now imagine that the Light accumulated during Aries, in his chalice, in his head, moves with Taurus to the creative larynx.

The devotee should sing the mantram A He should open his mouth properly with the A, imagine that the Light descends from the head to the larynx; vocalize the U, vividly imagining that the Light floods the throat; the mouth should be rounded properly to sing the U. The last letter is the M, closing the lips, expelling or casting out the breath with force, as if eliminating the refuse from the throat. This work is done singing the powerful mantram AUM four times.

In the Thyroid Gland which secretes the biological iodine is located the magnetic center of the Magical Ear. With the exercises of Taurus one develops the Magical Ear, the power to hear the cosmic symphonies, the music of the spheres, the Rhythms of the Fire which sustain the seven cosmos in accordance with the law of the octaves.…

In practice we have been able to evince that Taurines should not marry persons of Aquarius because they inevitably fail due to the incompatibility of characters. The sign of Taurus is fixed, an earth sign; it tends towards stability and since the sign of Aquarius is aerial, mobile, revolutionary, it is clear that they are incompatible. Taurines are like oxen, humble and hard. workers, but when they become furious they are terrible like the bull. In their lives, Taurines undergo great amorous deceptions; they are reserved, conservative; they follow step-by-step, like the ox, the outlined path. Taurines are very sensitive. Anger in Taurines is of slow growth and customarily culminates in strong volcanic outbursts. The mediocre type of Taurus is customarily very egotistical, gluttonous, quarrelsome, passionate, irate and proud.…

The superior type of Taurus is full of Love, loves classical music, wisdom, works happily for humanity, is very intelligent, comprehensive, faithful, sincere in friendship, a good Father, Mother, good friend, good brother, good citizen, etc.

-Hermetic Astrology, Samael Aun Weor





From the 21 of May to the 21 of June.

Rules: Arms, Shoulders, Lungs and Bronchial System

Metal: Mercury

Stone: Golden Beryl

Perfume: Mastic

Plant: Honeysuckle

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Planet: Mercury

Color: Orange and brilliant Yellow

Element: Air

Keyword: Reason

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Raphael


GEMINI: May 21st to June 21st

The natives of Gemini are of strict will, possess great courage, are versatile and like to travel a lot. Their lives are a mixture of successes and failures. At times they live in comfort and at times they have to endure much misery. They are very intelligent and become irritated easily. The defect of those born under Gemini is that of wanting to solve all things with their head; they always want to silence the wise voice of the heart and then they create problems of all kinds for themselves.

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor


Beloved disciple:

You have already practiced the exercises of Taurus; now, we enter the brilliant constellation of Gemini.

This sign governs the arms, lungs and legs and is essentially of Mercurian nature. Gemini is the house of Mercury. The metal of this sign is Mercury. The stone is the golden Beryl and the color, yellow. 

The lords of Mercury are already teaching mankind how to travel in the astral body. The disciple is inevitably concerned with learning how to travel in the astral body. The authentic mystery schools are found in the astral plane, that is why it is necessary for the disciple to learn how to “leave” in the astral body. It is necessary for the student to learn how to enter those sanctuaries of inner instruction to receive direct instruction from the Masters of the Great White Lodge. 

The time has arrived when students have to learn how to enter those sanctuaries of the astral at will to receive direct teachings from the great instructors. The hour to abandon theories and to go directly to what is practical has arrived. The lords of Mercury help all those who ask for help.

In the future era, man will no longer be locked up in the body as in a prison cell. The human body will become a comfortable and luxurious temple. Man will learn to enter and leave it anytime he wants to. 

Mercury is actually coming out of a cosmic night, but as time passes by, the cosmic effects of the sparkle of Mercury will be felt more intensely each time. 

It is also indispensable that the disciple learns to “enter” through the doors of those “sidereal” temples in the astral body. 

The main exercises of Gemini have as objective, to learn the use and maneuver of the astral body. In this sign, we also teach our disciples the secret art of the “Jinn” states, that will allow them to “carry” their physical bodies to the most secluded and remote places of the earth, in a few instants. We will give various clues in a numerical form: 

1. The disciple should lie on his bed in a horizontal position. Relax the body so that no muscle applies pressure on the astral body. Become drowsy pronouncing the mantram “Rusti” like this: Ruuuuuuussssstiiiiiii. 

This mantram is pronounced mentally. In those instants, the student should become a “spy of his own sleep” 

When the student already finds himself in that state of drowsiness or somnolence that precedes sleep, he should get out of bed and leave the room. How? In what manner? 

Almost all students suppose that it is an exercise of magnetism or auto-suggestion, etc., but they are lamentably mistaken because here we are not dealing with auto suggestion or hypnotisms. Simply get out of bed for Nature will do the rest. She will know how to separate the astral body from the physical body. The disciple merely needs to stand up and leave his room for Nature will do the rest. 

Already out of his room, the student will take a little hop with the intention of floating in space and if he floats, he will then be able to transport himself to the Gnostic Church in a few seconds. But if he does not float, the disciple should once again get into bed and repeat the experiment. Some succeed immediately, others take months and even years to learn. But the “tenacious” succeeds in the end. 

2. In an almost imperceptible manner, a keynote always resounds within the brain of every living being. That keynote is that of the ray to which each person belongs and seems to come from the cells of the cerebellum. Some hear the sound of small flutes of the Egyptian ray; others will hear the “gong” of the Oriental ray, others the roaring of the sea, of the lunar ray, etc. If the disciple silences all his thoughts in the calm of the night, he will hear his keynote; then he can cause that note to vibrate loudly, with will and when the note is already so loud that it invades and semi-paralyzes the entire physical body, the disciple should get out of bed and betake himself to the Gnostic Church for the Masters of the White

Brotherhood will receive him there with incomparable happiness. 

3. If you find yourself dreaming that you are at a certain place and you awaken, then do not move, become sleepy once again, with your imagination set on the aforementioned place, feeling yourself there again as if trying to continue the dream just as it was unfolding, while you cling to that place of the dream with thy Will. Imagination and Will united in vibrant harmony is the key to this clue. 

4. At the time of falling asleep, concentrate thy imagination and thy Will intensely, united in vibrant harmony, on a certain place or location. Concentration should be perfect and then begin walking with faith in the “imagined” place. You should not imagine that you are imagining, because the experiment will then fail. One should really feel oneself at the imagined place and totally forget the bedroom.

This experiment should be done during the state of transition between vigil and sleep and once at that place, kneel and ask thy own internal God to take you to the Holy Gnostic Church, which is the great Cathedral of the Soul and the temple in which the Solar Logos, our Lord, the Christ, officiates. 

5. Keeping in mind that the soul wanders in all the familiar places or locations during ordinary sleep and that in a state of drowsiness it is occupied in the same trades and toils of the day, you should become accustomed to asking yourselves during the entire day: Where am I? Am I within the body or out of it? Then you will take a little hop with the intention of floating. It is logical that if you float, it is because you are out of the body, and if you do not float, it is because you are still in flesh and bones and continue your path. But, if you manage to float, ask your Inner-Self to take you to the Holy Gnostic Church.

One should ask this question in the presence of something which attracts his or her attention, such as a crowd of people, a funeral procession, a strange object, etc. Many have awakened their consciousness with this formidable clue, because on asking this question, they floated in the air and realized that they were out of the body and that the body had been left asleep in bed. “It is because the soul wanders when the body sleeps.” But the soul can come out of its unconscious drowsiness with this clue. During the day, you should become accustomed to this exercise so that it be recorded in the subconscious and act, during sleep. 

6. Before falling asleep in your bed, you will do the following exercise of auto suggestion:

“I am going to sleep. Wherever I appear now is because I am in the astral body. I will recognize myself, I will recognize myself I will recognize myself and will direct myself to the Gnostic Church.” You can do this auto-suggestion for half an hour and then peacefully fall asleep. In the astral, you will mathematically recognize yourself and at the time of awakening, do not move. Do a retrospective exercise to remember where you have been. 

7. Put yourself to sleep pronouncing the mantram: OMNIS BAUM IGNEOS; like this: Ommmmmnissssssbaaaaauuuuuuuummmmmmiiiiiignnneeeeeoooooooooooosssssss,

syllabicating the mantram, lengthening the sound of each vowel and praying to thy Inner Zodiacal

Self to take thee out of the body. Then softly get out of your bed and floating in space, go to the Gnostic Church. These are the seven clues to travel in the astral body. 

When the theurgist “leaves” the physical body, he travels to the sidereal temples in the following manner:

The astral body begins to walk in the form of concentric circles, with the intention of reaching the heart-temple of a specific star. The panorama of things change in a few instants, the theurgist is in the presence of the sidereal temple and the guardians of the columns “J” and “B”. The theurgist will make

the strictly required salutes as we have taught in the previous pages, take the seven steps inside the heart-temple of the star and will then kneel at the feet of the Sidereal Genie. If the Genie says: “granted”, the disciple asks for “choir”; the Genie will make a sign and the army of the verb will begin to sing in sacred language to carry out the “work that we have asked for”. The army of the verb creates with the word. In these sublime moments we go into ecstasy. Entire Nature kneels before the Sidereal Gods and their ineffable canto elevates us to the plethora of light. The most divine and moving melodies saturate the infinite spaces and the waters of the rivers murmur in silence, “God is like this”. It is impossible to describe those instants of happiness in which the soul is loose.

There, the past and the future harmonize into an eternal now and we then feel the voice of the blessed who invites us to the “eternal wedding” from the most profound bottom of our Being.

When the disciple is already skilled in Astrotheurgy, the Sidereal Gods then accept him as a laybrother and give him a gray-colored robe and a rod. It is the robe of the Esoteric Astrologer. It is the ineffable robe of the theurgist. It is the robe of the authentic alchemist. As he progresses in his wisdom, he receives different degrees.

There, the disciple will learn how to combine the most diverse alchemical substances to produce different events in the different cosmic planes.… 

Each star of heaven is an abode and the door of each celestial abode is the heart- temple.

When “out” of the body you invoke an inhabitant of another planet, you will see him come out from within the earth and on saying good-bye to you, you wilt see him sink into the depths of the earth. He has entered and left through the door of the interior of the earth. 

You can also invoke your physical body from afar: you will kneel on the earth and pray to your Inner-Self like this: “Father, bring my body”. Then, thy Inner-Self wilt bring thee thy physical body. The atoms of your physical body will tell you: “I am your physical body, don’t you know me?” You will be astonished when you see thine own physical body in sleeping clothes, face to face, the same as you left it in bed! Then command thy physical body thus:

“Jump over my head and penetrate through my pineal gland”. The Physical body will obey you and you will be with your physical body in any remote place of the earth. If someone was to enter your room in those instants, he or she would not find you. He or she would only find your empty bed.

It is indispensable to take your physical body to the Gnostic Church every Friday and Sunday, at dawn to receive the Gnostic Holy Unction in flesh and bone. 

You can also take the physical body from the very bed without the need of invoking it from afar.

Fall asleep vocalizing the following mantrams: “Miña Pica Frasco”. 

Then slowly get out of thy bed, conserving your sleep. Execute a little hop and if you see thyself chubby and floating, then leave your house and betake thyself towards the Gnostic Church. The forces of the subconscious become activated during sleep and these powerful energies are precisely the ones which allow us to “place our physical body within the astral plane”. This is what is called the “jinn” state. 

The sublime guru Huiracocha, Master Arnold Krumm Heller, talks to us about the ‘jinn” states in his Rosicrucian Novel... 

Gemini is an Air sign and is the house of Mercury. The lords of Mercury gave man the soul-spirit or Buddhic body. The color of the hierarchies of Mercury is yellow or golden-yellow.

Gemini, or the sign of the twins, reminds us of the twin souls. The first woman that man knew in Eden is his twin soul. The twin souls keep meeting each other, life after life. Together they came out of Eden and together they should return to Eden. When Karma separates them, they suffer the inexpressible. True happiness in marriage can only be possible between two twin-souls.

When the marriage does not take place with the twin soul, it is a karmic marriage and one suffers the inexpressible.

The natives of Gemini are of a strong will; possess great courage, are versatile and like to travel. Their lives are a mixture of successes and failures. At times they live in comfort and at other times must endure much misery. They are very intelligent and become irritated very easily. The defect of the natives of Gemini is that they try to solve all things with their heads. They always want to silence the wise voice of the heart and then create problems and difficulties of all types. 

The exercises of Gemini are the following: 


The disciple should lie horizontally on his bed, relax his body and take five breaths of air with the intention that light now penetrates his lungs and bronchi. He will open his arms and legs with each inhalation and will close them with each exhalation. Then, seated on a comfortable chair, he will ask his Inner-Self to betake himself to the constellation of Gemini to bring the sidereal Gods of those temples, so that they will prepare his organism for practical magic.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor



During the zodiacal sign of Gemini, Gnostic students should lie down on their backs and relax the body. Next, one has to inhale the air five times and also exhale it five times; when one inhales one has to imagine that the light formerly accumulathd in the larynx, now acts on the bronchi and lungs. Upon inhaling, the legs and arms will be opened to the left and to the right; the legs and arms will be closed upon exhaling. Mercury is the metal of Gemini, its stone is the golden beryl and its color is yellow. Gemini natives love traveling a great deal; they commit the error of ignoring the wise voice of the heart, they want to resolve everything with the mind, they become angry easily, they are very dynamic, versatile, voluble, irritable, intelligent; their lives are full of successes and failures and they possess a mad courage. Gemini Natives are problematic due to their rare dualism, due to that double personality that characterizes them and which is symbolized among the Greeks by those mysterious brothers called Castor and Pollux. One never knows how the Gemini native will proceed in this or that case due precisely to their double personality. At any specific moment, the Gemini native results a very sincere friend, capable of sacrificing even his own life out of friendship for the person to whom he has offered his love, but at any other moment, he is capable of the worst infamies against that same loved person. The inferior type of Gemini is very dangerous and that is why his friendship is not advisable. The most serious defect of the Gemini natives is the tendency of falsely judging all persons.

- Hermetic Astrology, Samael Aun Weor





From the 22 of June to the 22 of July.

Rules: the Stomach

Metal: Silver

Stone: Pearl

Perfume: Camphor

Plant: Eucalyptus, Cherry tree and the Violet

Flower: White Rose

Planet: the Moon

Color: Silver

Element: Water

Key Word: Fecundation

Day: Monday

Ruler: Gabriel


CANCER: June 22nd to July 22nd

Dressmaking, tailoring, etc. The natives of Cancer are tenacious, and like the crab, they prefer to lose a leg than to lose a prey. The natives of Cancer triumph on long trips. On the first quarter moon and on full Moon they can carry out their enterprises, which culminate with good success. The character of the natives of Cancer varies according to the changes of the Moon. The natives of Cancer are romantic and sentimental but when they get angry, their anger is terrible.

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor


Beloved disciple:

You have already studied and practiced the lesson of Gemini. Today we enter the constellation of Cancer. Throughout thy studies, thou has realized that we, the Gnostics, are essentially practical.…

Cancer is the house of the Moon. Its metal is silver, its stone, the pearl, and white, its color.

The Moon influences the thymus gland and regulates the growth of the human being.

The Moon influences all the milky juices of all living things.

The Moon adjusts the procreation of all that is alive.

The Moon governs the sap in vegetables and the rising and ebbing tides of the seas.

The Moon has power over salt and salt is the base of all that is alive. Existing within our organism are twelve salts of the twelve zodiacal signs.

Cancer is the sign of the sacred scarab.

Cancer is the sign of reproduction. Fetal conception is verified with the rays of the sign of Cancer and because of it, is the sign of the sacred scarab.

In Egypt, the sacred scarab symbolizes the soul.

The reincarnating souls pass through the sphere of Cancer before taking a body.

Cancer produces the sickness that carries its name.

Cancer is the Karma of Fornicators.

The Moon is the symbol of a secret planet that lies behind it.

The violet hierarchies of the heart-temple of the Moon gave man his vital body.

The Moon is inhabited on the side that is not seen.

All the moons of the solar system are governed by Jehova, but our terrestrial satellite is directly governed by the “Angel Gabriel”.

The magician should pay close attention to the lunar influences because all the sidereal energies crystallize in our terrestrial globe through the lunar forces.

All that is began during the crescent moon progresses quickly.

All that is done in the waning moon fails.

The new Moon is very weak and the full Moon is very strong and serves to carry out all works of practical magic successfully.

The last day of the Moon means: abortions and failures

Always do your business in crescent moon so that you may succeed.

Hitler launched himself on Russia in the waning moon and failed.

When a star shines within a nimbus of the moon, it is a sign that a General is surrounded by enemies.

The Moon produces the rising and ebbing of the sea.

The Moon produces high and low tides.

The Moon attracts and repels the terrestrial magnetism.

The Magician should “prepare” his body for the exercise of practical magic. The magician’s body is different from others because it is prepared.



Sit on a comfortable chair; close thy eyes; remove all thought from thy mind; focus the mind on thy Inner-Self and pray like this:

“Father: you who art my true Being, I beg you Lord to enter the heart-temple of the Moon to bring me the Angel Gabriel. Do the Salutes, my Lord...Amen”.

Then, direct thyself to the four cardinal points and perform the following invocation of the Angel Gabriel, blessing the north, south, east and west:



“Thirteen thousand rays has the Sun, thirteen thousand rays has the Moon, thirteen thousand times may the enemies I have, repent!”  

The disciple will pray to the Angel Gabriel to prepare his body to become invisible, or to transform his face, stop a bullet or knife in a moment of danger, or to materialize any superior entity, lamblichus, the great theurgist, made the sidereal Gods visible in the physical world because he had his body well prepared.

The Angel Gabriel will occultly treat the spleen and certain centers of the spinal column in the disciple. When the latter can already make visible and tangible the Angel Gabriel in the physical plane, it is because his body is “prepared”. Then, in a moment of danger he will do the invocation of the Angel Gabriel and if the disciple wants to become invisible, the Angel Gabriel will erase him from the sight of the enemies, or will transform his face if the disciple so desires. The invocation will always be done blessing the four cardinal points. 

These exercises, to prepare the body, are practiced our entire lifetime.

When the theurgist has his body well prepared, he can make the sidereal Gods visible in the physical plane. This requires patience and perseverance, because nothing is obtained like a gift. Everything costs struggle and sacrifice.

The forces that descend from heaven, on arriving at our “thymus gland”, meet the forces that ascend through our organism from the earth, and there, in the “thymus gland”, the two triangles of the superior and inferior forces interlace to form the seal of Solomon.



Seated, imagine this marvelous encounter of the cosmic forces forming the seal of Solomon at the thymus gland and sunk in profound inner meditation, pray to thy Inner-Self to enter the sidereal temple of the principal star of Cancer, to bring thee the principal hierarchies of that constellation, so that they may awaken thy inner powers and give that gland a treatment. Vocalize the letter “A” one hour daily. 

The natives of Cancer are peaceful, but too wrathful at times. They have an aptitude for manual arts, are very sensible and their character changes with the lunar phases. Things go well for them on long journeys. They are very romantic, amorous and very tenacious.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor


During the period of Cancer, our Gnostic disciples should practice, before falling asleep in their bed, a Retrospective Exercise of their own life, like someone who is watching a movie from the end to the beginning, or like someone who reads a book from the end to the beginning, from the last to the first page. The objective of this Retrospective Exercise of our own life, is to auto-know, autodiscover ourselves, to recognize our good and evil actions, to study our own Lunar Ego, to make Conscious the Subconscious. It is necessary to arrive in a retrospective manner at our birth and remember it. A superior effort will permit the student to connect his Birth with the Death of his previous physical body. Drowsiness combined with Meditation, with the Retrospective.

-Hermetic Astrology Samael Aun Weor






From the 23 of July to the 22 of August.

Rules: Heart and Spinal Column

Metal: Gold

Stone: Diamond

Perfume: Incense

Plant: Sunflower

Flower: Poppy

Planet: The Sun

Color: Golden

Element: Fire

Day: Sunday

Key Word: Life

Ruler: Michael


LEO: July 23rd to August 22nd

The sign of LEO governs INTUITION. We should free our Mind from all types of schools, theories, political parties, concepts, desires, emotions, passions, etc. From intellectualism without spirituality, rascals come forth. Rascals wander through elegant salons, drink liquors of all types and the whole world applauds them and admires them. Rascals are called doctors, graduates, intellectuals, etc. Rascals have taken over the world, and all the governments of the earth have fallen into their hands. Rascals are the pedantic intellectuals of the age. Rascals have always been the enemies of the sages. Our disciples should abandon all types of knavery. Our disciples should cultivate INTUITION, which resides in the heart. INTUITION is direct perception of the truth, without the depressing process of reasoning and of opinions. The natives of Leo are like the lion; kind and courageous. The natives of Leo are mystics and like to command. The natives of Leo suffer a lot. The natives of Leo sometimes suffer accidents in their arms or hands. The natives of Leo are magnanimous and kind. The natives of Leo become irritated easily and get angry easily. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor



Beloved disciple:

Today we enter the constellation of Leo.

Leo is the heart of the zodiac and the throne of the Sun.

Leo is the dwelling of the sons of the flame, whom the Bible calls “thrones”.

Leo is the house of the Kumaras.

Leo is the house of the Sun and governs our heart.


Just as the Sun is the heart of the solar system, so is the human heart the sun of our organism also.

The forces that descend and those that rise from the earth, in the form of a triangle, meet at the heart, mingle and become redeemed, forming the seal of Solomon.

The heart is the sacred chamber of the blessed mother Goddess of the world.

The ineffable princess of the Kundalini, “Hadit”, the winged serpent of the desert, reaches as far as there.

The cross of initiation is given to us in the heart-temple.

The kundalini is the laboratory where the heart works.

The fires of the heart serve as control to the fires of the spine. The Kundalini rises according to the merits of the heart. The Kundalini evolves and progresses within the aura of the Solar Logos.

The heart is the most sensitive organ of our organism.

The most remote seismic movements of the world are registered within the fine membranes of the heart.

The heart is the sacred temple of the Inner Master. The Inner Master speaks to us in the

form of hunches. If man obeyed those hunches, he would live without problems.

The Inner Master is the divine witness, seated on the throne of the heart-temple.

The inner essence of the Master is absolute happiness and limitless omniscience. 

All initiations are received in the temples of the astral plane, but the school is life itself.

During the sign of Leo, we should act on the heart, through meditation. Inner meditation consists of three phases:


  1. Perfect Concentration
  2. Perfect Meditation
  3. Perfect Samadhi 

One has to concentrate the mind on the Inner Master. One has to meditate on the majesty of the Inner Master. One has to talk with the Inner Master, until one hears his voice and converses ineffable things with HIM...This is called Samadhi. 

So then, we should especially practice inner meditation during this sign of Leo. I advice my disciples to practice inner meditation during those instants in which they feel more predisposed to sleep.

You should totally dominate the untamed horse of the mind.

You should control all possible reactions of the mind before the objects and sounds of the physical world.

The Inner Master is not the mind. The Inner Master is not emotion; the Inner Master is not the will; the Inner Master is not the conscience nor the intelligence. The Inner Master is the divine witness. The Inner Master is the Being. The Inner Master is the Inner-Self; therefore, while sunk in deep inner meditation, say:


Be demanding with thy Inner Master, he should teach thee the most ineffable things. If thy concentration is intense, then thou shall penetrate in the marvels of the cosmos and will learn things which are impossible to describe with words. 

Vocalize daily the vowel “O” during this sign of Leo, to awaken the heart chakra. 


The natives of Leo are energetic and generous at the same time, magnanimous, mystics and authoritarians.

They have a tendency towards anger and should struggle much to dominate that defect.

Leo, being the throne of the Sun, announces fortune and high position.

The occult significance of Leo is Intuition. Gold is the metal of this sign and diamond, its stone.

The natives of Leo are authoritative and want to command only.

Leo brings some journeys. The natives of Leo suffer a great deal morally.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor


The Heart-Temple is house of Prayer.

Found in the heart-temple are the energies which come from above, with the energies which come from below, forming Solomon’s seal.

It is necessary to pray and Meditate profoundly.

It is urgent to know how to relax the physical body in order for Meditation to be correct.

Before beginning the exercises of Prayer and Meditation combined, relax the body properly. 

The Gnostic Disciple should lie down in a face-up position, in other words, lying on his back on the floor or in bed, legs and arms open to the right and left, in the form of a five pointed star.

This Pentagonal Star position is formidable due to its deep meaning, but persons who for any circumstance are unable to meditate in this position, should then meditate by placing their body in the Corpse Posture: heels together, tips of the feet spread out in the form of a fan, arms unbent along the sides, placed alongside the trunk The eyes should be closed in order for things of the physical world to not distract us. 

Drowsiness properly combined with Meditation is very indispensable for the good success of the Meditation. 

It is necessary to try to totally relax all the muscles of the body and then concentrate Attention on the tip of the nose, until we fully feel the heart pulse in that organ of smell, then we will continue with the right ear until we feel the heart pulse in the latter, then we will continue with the right hand, right foot, left foot, left hand, left ear and nose once again, fully feeling the heart pulse separately in each of these organs where we have focused the Attention. 

Control over the physical body begins with control over the pulse. The pulse of the tranquil heart is felt all at once, entirely, in its totality, within the organism, but Gnostics can feel it at will in any part of the body, whether it be on the tip of the nose, an ear, an arm, a foot, etc. It has been demonstrated in practice that by acquiring the possibility of regulating, hastening or slowing down the pulse, the heartbeat can be hastened or slowed down. Control over the palpitations of the heart can never come from the heart muscles, but rather it depends totally on the control of the pulse. This is, beyond all doubt, the Second Heartbeat or Great Heart. The control of the pulse or control of the second heart is achieved totally through the Absolute Relaxation of all the muscles. Through Attention we can accelerate or slow down the Pulsations of the Second Heart and the beats of the first heart.

Samadhi, Ecstasy, Satori always occur with very slow pulsations, and in Maha Sainadhi, pulsations end.

During Samadhi, the Essence, the Buddhata escapes the Personality, then it becomes Fused with the Being and the experience of what is Real in the Illuminating Void comes. It is only in the absence of the that we can converse with the Father, Brahma. Pray and Meditate in order for you to be able to listen to the Voice of the Silence. 

Leo is the throne of the Sun, the heart of the Zodiac.

Leo governs the human heart.

The Sun of the organism is the Heart.

In the heart, the forces from above mix with those from below in order for those from below to become liberated.

The metal of Leo is pure gold.

The stone of Leo is the diamond.

The color of Leo is golden.

We have been able to verify that the natives of Leo are like the lion, brave, irate, noble, worthy, constant. But there are many people and it is clear that, among the natives of Leo, we also find those who are arrogant, proud, unfaithful, tyrants, etc. The natives of Leo also have organizational aptitudes, they develop the sentiment and bravery of the lion. The developed persons of this sign get to be great paladins. The mediocre type of Leo is very sentimental and irate. The mediocre type of Leo overestimates his own capacities too much.

In every native of Leo, mysticism already developed in an incipient stage always exists; it all depends on the type of person.

The natives of Leo are always predisposed to suffer accidents to the arms and hands.

-Hermetic Astrology Samael Aun Weor





From the 23 of August to the 22 of September.

Rules: The intestines and lower Abdomen

Metal: Mercury

Stone: The Emerald

Perfume: White Sandalwood

Plant: The Elm

Flower: The Morning Glory

Planet: Mercury

Color: Yellow

Element: Earth

Key Word: Reason

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Raphael


VIRGO: August 23rd to September 22nd

The natives of Virgo and of Scorpio are together the marvellous Eden of which the Bible talks to us about I have written this book precisely so that my disciples can become Omnipotent and powerful Gods. I want all my disciples to end all their human weaknesses and transform themselves into Gods and Priests of the Universe. Virgo is the sign of the Celestial Virgin. Virgo is the virginal womb of Divine Nature. When we were elementals we had the seven Serpents on the rod. When we came out of Eden our seven Serpents fell. Our disciples should raise the seven Serpents on the rod so that they can enter Eden and transform themselves into Gods of fire. Virgo is the womb of Mother Nature. The natives of Virgo unfortunately fall into the vicious circle of reasonings and because of this they harm themselves. The natives of Virgo are unfortunate in love. The natives of Virgo fall into the aberrations of intellectualism and because of this do not progress. If the natives of Virgo want to progress they should be simple, they should end all reasonings and have the mind of innocent children.

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor


Beloved disciple:

Today we fully enter the constellation of Virgo, house of Mercury and exile of Venus.

The ancient sages divided the zodiacal belt in ten signs only, since Virgo and Scorpio were “esoterically” considered one single sign. 

Virgo, the sign of the celestial virgin and Scorpio, the sign of the sexual forces, together, are really that marvelous Eden the Bible talks to us about. This is the paradise of virgin men; this is the paradise of the perfect androgyne. This is the Eden the Bible talks about. 

Eden is sex itself. 

“Come to us all those who thirst and we shall give thee the eternal water of life to drink”

“Come to us all weary pilgrims of life and we shall heal thy wounds”. 

Sons of the earth! Listen to thy instructors, the sons of the fire!

In this delightful garden of Virgo and Scorpio, the seven serpents of fire are awaiting to initiate thee in their great mysteries. 

“Ask and it shall be given thee, knock and it shall be opened”. 

Look! My Son! Here is the seal of the heart. To those who visit our “white island” we shall give thee three glasses to drink, three delicious arcanes. 

One is green as the emerald. It is the sexual force of the virgin-mother, “isis”, Nature. The other is as blue as the sky. It is the sexual force of the kingdom of the spirit. The other is like the dew of the leaves in the night. It is the sexual force of the absolute, ineffable...

Only to those who have thirst, shall we give these three arcanes of Eden, so that they may awaken their seven serpents. Those who drink from our three glasses will never thirst again; and rivers of pure water will flow from their abdomens. 

Why do the natives of Virgo suffer? Why do they cry? Why are they not happy in love?

All sins shall be forgiven, except the sins against the Holy Spirit.

The natives of Virgo suffer because they committed Adultery and Fornication in past lives.

The natives of Virgo suffer great amorous deceptions. in Virgo, Mercury becomes reasoning. Reason is of the animal soul, The animal soul is the mind. The mind is the cave of desire.

One cannot kill desire without taking it out of its cave, of its den. 

Imagine a tranquil lake. If you were to throw a stone in that lake, thou would see a series of waves coming from the center to the periphery; Take that same image to the mind. All of a sudden you will see a pornographic image; that image passes from the senses to the lake of thy mind, the latter then reacts with its waves before the external impact and its waves then knock strongly on our sexual organs, producing sexual excitement that is consumed in copulation. Subdue the senses and dominate the mind so that you may not react before external impacts. 

The den of the beast of desire is in the mind.

The great intellectuals are terribly passionate, vicious and fornicating beings.

They have developed the mind and the mind is the animal soul.

When we move under the direction of the material mind or animal soul in the physical world, then we create problems for ourselves; we stay imprisoned, suffering the inexpressible. The man who acts only under hunches is happy, will never lack bread, shelter and refuge; will never have problems. 

Virgo rules over the abdomen.

The forces that rise from the earth, on arriving at the stomach, are charged with adrenal hormones which prepare and purify them for their ascent to the heart.

Virgo works on the isles of Langerhan which secrete insulin, so necessary for the treatment of diabetes. 

In the Zodiacal Course of Master “Huiracocha”, we are taught that we should give small “jumps” to the stomach during this sign, so that the energies that rise from the earth be charged in the stomach, with adrenal hormones. One should be lying in a horizontal position. 

The fundamental zodiacal exercises that we give here, come from the ancient temples of mysteries and, therefore, are not the exclusive patrimony of anyone. However, we must be grateful to the great Guru Arnold Krumm Heller (Huiracocha) who had collected and investigated them, to make them known to us in his marvelous Zodiacal Course.



During the zodiacal sign of Virgo, thou should vocalize the vowel “U” daily to develop the telepathic center of the solar plexus, like this: UUUUUUUUU…. during one hour daily.

Sit in a comfortable chair, focus thy mind on thy Inner-Self and ask him to betake himself to the heart temples of the stars of Virgo, so that he may bring the Gods of Virgo to thy house, so that they may awaken thy virgin powers and heal thy stomach. 

Be assured, beloved reader, that the Sidereal Gods will attend thy call.

Thy Inner-Self can enter and leave the body anytime he wants and due to this, he is not enslaved in the body. He will really enter the sidereal temples, do the necessary salutes, as I have taught thee in the first lessons and will bring the sidereal Gods to thy side, to prepare thy body.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weorl




During this sign of Virgo (the Celestial Virgin), we should, lying on our backs with the body relaxed, move the belly with small jumps, with the purpose of the energies which ascend from the earth becoming charged in the belly with the adrenal hormones. The Gnostic student should comprehend the importance of that cauldron called the stomach and put an end to the vice of gluttony forever. 

Virgo is the zodiacal sign of the Virgin Mother of the World; it is the house of Mercury, its minerals are the jasper and the emerald. In practice we have been able to verify that Virgo natives are unfortunately quite excessively reasoning, beyond the normal, and skeptical by nature. Reason, the intellect are very necessary, but when they come out of their orbit, they are then very harmful. The natives of Virgo are good in science, psychiatry, medicine, naturism, the laboratory, pedagogy, etc., etc., etc. The natives of Virgo cannot get along with Pisces people and that is why we advise them to avoid marriages with Piscine people. The most lamentable thing of Virgo people is the inertia and skepticism which characterizes them. However, it is interesting to know that that tense inertia tends to go from the material to the spiritual, up to where it is accessible through experience. The critical-analytical talent of Virgo is formidable and among the great geniuses of this sign is Goethe who succeeded in transcending the material, inertia, and entered high scientific spirituality. Nonetheless, all Virgo natives are not Goethe. Ordinarily, the materialists, atheists and enemies of everything that smells of spirituality abound among the mediocre of this sign. The egotism of the mediocre people of Virgo is something too grotesque and repugnant, but the Goethe of Virgo are genial and highly altruistic and profoundly disinterested. The natives of Virgo suffer in love and undergo great deceptions, due to the fact that

Venus, the star of love, in Virgo, is in exile.







From the 23 of September to the 23 of October.

Rules: The Kidneys

Metal: Copper

Stone: Chrysolite

Perfume: Galbanum

Plant: Pine and Cypress

Flower: Narcissus

Planet: Venus

Color: Green

Element: Air

Key Word: Love

Day: Friday

Ruler: Uriel


LIBRA: September 23rd to October 23rd

Before the scale existed, the face did not see the face. Everything that is, everything that was and everything that will be is weighed on the scale. All the Kings that entered the ABSOLUTE were weighed on the scale. The scale is the dress of the Ancient of the Days; the scale does not become entangled in anything; the scale is the garb of the ABSOLUTE. Justice and mercy united, shine in the world of AZILUTH. The natives of Libra always have equilibrium in Love and their lives are as unstable as the movements of the pans of the scale. The natives of Libra suffer in love. The natives of Libra have many aptitudes and great ability to earn their daily bread. The sword of Cosmic Justice is beyond good and evil. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor


Beloved disciple:

Today we have entered the equilibrating sign of Libra. This sign is the house of Saturn and Venus.

The planets: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn live and throb within “our” conscience. The soul develops and unfolds within this solar system, that lives in the very depth of our conscience.

Among the death and new birth of the “good souls”, they should unfold within each one of the planetary auras whose mixtures form that which all books of spiritualism denominate “planes”. 

Libra influences the kidneys.

Libra is the sign of the equilibrating forces and the forces of our human organism should balance in a “total” form in our kidneys.

All the forces of the Universe keep seeking equilibrium and we should learn the equilibrium of all things. 

Thou should not mix antagonistic forces because terrible destructive forces result from such mixture. Look carefully at those who surround thee and do not live in a house with people full of hatred, or superficiality, because the mixture of antagonistic forces creates destructive forces for thee and for those who live with thee. Learn, therefore, the force of equilibrium.

Intellectuals end up “nutty” or crazy because they attempt against the forces of equilibrium. Imagine an encounter of energies forming an X. Now then, let us take this example to man. Every human has a connection of seven vehicles and if we concentrate our attention on the mind or mental body, which is the center of thy X, the result would be the rupture of the mental body. 

Intellectuals who have their attention fixed on the intellect, end up breaking the mental body. Almost all intellectuals have their manias, insanities dissimulated by theories and “manias”. 

In ancient times, man was more simple and since he did not have the intellect of the animal soul, he perceived the subtle and the planetary genii. Ancient men grew spiritually under the influence of the “Ursa Major” and students should meditate intensely on the Ursa Major if they want to awaken consciousness. That constellation radiates powerful spiritual forces and man should learn to converse with the sidereal genii of that constellation.



There is a key to transfer oneself to that constellation. The key is to meditate profoundly on a “yellow stone” that exists in the astral. Do this exercise in the moments of transition between vigil and sleep and thou shall then transfer thyself in the astral body to the largest star of the Ursa Major, where a powerful and gigantic civilization exists.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Orifiel are the four Lords that rule the karmic balance of the four winds (North, South, East and West). These are the four angels of the four cardinal points of the earth. 

Esoteric Astrology should live within the law of perfect equilibrium. 

Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is the true and legitimate order of the days of the week. 

This is the authentic and legitimate calendar that the Roman-Catholic sect adulterated and which befalls on us to restore, to live in accordance with the law of equilibrium. The authentic week is based on the law of true equilibrium and planetary order. We should learn how to look at the alternatives of pleasure and pain, of profit and loss, with indifference.

The Bhagavad Gita says: 

“The mind that follows wandering thoughts, makes the soul as invalid as the boat which the wind leads astray on the waters”.

“Kill sensation, teach the Sutta Nipata; equally see pleasure and pain, profit and loss, victory and defeat’

 The natives of Libra are very skillful in everything, but suffer much in love, since their love affairs and life are as unstable as the scale.



Stand up, with the feet firm and arms extended to the sides in the form of a cross, or scale and move inclining the waist seven times to the right and seven towards the left, with the intention that all our energies become balanced in our kidneys.

-Zodiacal Course Samael Aun Weor



The one who awakens Consciousness, can travel in his internal bodies outside the physical body, with full conscious will and study his own book of destiny.

In the Temple of Anubis and his Forty-Two Judges, the initiate can study his own book.

Anubis is the supreme ruler of Karma. The Temple of Anubis is found in the Molecular World, called the Astral World by many people.

The Initiates can directly negotiate with Anubis. We can pay every karmic debt with good deeds, but we have to negotiate with Anubis.

The Law of Karma, the Law of the Cosmic Balance is not a blind law; one can also ask for credit from the Lords of Karma, but every credit must be paid with good deeds and if not paid, then the Law collects with pain. 

Libra, the zodiacal sign of the Balance, governs the kidneys. Libra is the sign of the equilibrating forces and in the kidneys, the forces of our organism should balance in a complete manner.



Stand up, in a military position of attention and then with the arms extended in the form of a cross or scale, move in the form of a scale, inclining seven times to the right and seven to the left with the intention that all of your energies become equilibrated in the kidneys. The movement of the upper half of the spinal column should be like that of a scale. The forces that ascend from the earth passing by the sieve of our feet along the entire organism, should become equilibrated at the waist and this is carried out successfully with the balancing movement of Libra. 

Libra is governed by Venus and Saturn; its metal is copper and its stone is the chrysolite. In practice we have been able to verify that the natives of Libra usually have, in their majority, a certain imbalance in matters related to conjugal life, to love. The natives of Libra create many problems for themselves due to their manner of being frank and just.

Libra people of good aspect like things straight and just. People do not understand Libra people well; the latter sometimes appear cruel and merciless. They do not know or want to know about diplomacy; hypocrisy bothers them, sweet words of the perverse easily upset them instead to softening them.

Libra people have the defect of not knowing how to forgive their fellowmen; they want to see the Law and nothing but the Law in everything, often forgetting mercy. Libra natives like to travel very much and are persons who faithfully fulfill their duties. Libra natives are what they are and nothing but what they are, frank and just. People usually become angry with the natives of Libra; they are interpreted erroneously due to that manner of being and as is natural, ill is spoken of them and they usually fill

themselves up with unwarranted enemies.

The Libra person cannot be approached with double plays; that is not tolerated and forgiven by the Libra person. One has to always be friendly and kind or always severe with Libra people, but never with that sweetness and harshness, because the Libra person never tolerates and never forgives that. 

The superior type of Libra always confers total chastity. The inferior type of Libra is very fornicating and adulterous. The superior type of Libra have a certain spirituality that spiritualists do not understand and erroneously judge.

The negative inferior type of Libra has dazzling and loquacious, versatile people; he likes to always place himself in the limelight, attract the attention of the whole world. The superior type of Libra wants to always live anonymously and unknown, never feels any attraction for fame, for laurels, for prestige.

The superior type of Libra reveals sensibleness and the sense of foresight a thrift. The inferior type of Libra has much superficiality and covetousness. 

In the medium type of Libra, many qualities and defects of the superior and inferior types of Libra usually mix.

Marriage with Pisces people is convenient for the natives of Libra. Libra natives like to do deeds of charity without expecting a reward or boasting or publishing the service done.

The superior type of Libra loves select music, takes pleasure in it and enjoys it to a maximum degree.

Libra people also feel attraction for good theater, good literature, etc., etc., etc.

- Hermetic Astrology, Samael Aun Weor






From the 24 of October to the 22 of November.

Rules: The Sexual Organs

Metal: Magnet

Stone: Topaz

Perfume: Coral

Plant: The Oak Tree

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Planet: Mars

Color: Red

Element: Water

Key Word: Action

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Samael


SCORPIO: October 24th to November 22nd

The human BEING has seven bodies; each body has its Spinal Medulla and its Serpent. (See Zodiacal Course by he same author). The seven bodies of man are the following:


Each body has its sacred Serpent. We have seven Serpents: two groups of three, with the sublime coronation of the seventh tongue of fire, which unites us with the ONE, with the LAW, with the FATHER. Practicing Sexual Magic intensely with the female, we raise the seven Serpents on the rod and we transform ourselves into omnipotent Gods of the Universe with powers over the four elements: earth, water, 1u and air. Scorpio rules the sexual organs and the redemption of man is in the sexual organs. The natives of Scorpio possess terrible magical powers. The natives of Scorpio are irritable, rancorous and vindictive. However dominating anger, vengeance and rancor the natives of Scorpios can transform themselves into powerful and terrible white magicians. Scorpios arc completely chaste or completely fornicating. The natives of Scorpio have a terrible will. The clue to transform oneself into a magician is to INTRODUCE THE MEMBER INTO THE VAGINA OF THE WOMAN AND WITHDRAW IT WITHOUT SPILLING THE SEMEN. He who becomes accustomed to this exercise and never ejaculates his semen in his life will transform himself into a very terrible and powerful God. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor



Beloved disciple:

We have arrived at the omnipotent empire of strength and power. We now only want to speak in the language of majesty and might. We now only want to understand the omnipotence of strength. This is the terrible kingdom of Pluto, the omnipotent empire of strength and of the magician. This is the igneous dwelling of Bellicose Mars. Legions of the earth! Legions of the air! Legions of the waters! Legions of the fire! Obey us! 

Scorpio rules the sexual organs and in the latter resides all the power of the magician.

Scorpio is the house of Mars and “Pluto”, the visitor.

We say visitor because this terrible Genie of practical magic does not belong to this solar system. He is merely a visitor who is helping all the warriors of the rocky path.


The Kundalini rises in accordance with the practice of AZF and in accordance with our process of sanctification, for as we said, the ascension depends on the merits of the heart.


The natives of Scorpio are of strong will, but should fight against the defect of anger, of hatred and vengeance. The natives of Scorpio are either totally chaste or fornicators altogether. They always pass through bitterness before the age of thirty. Topaz, the stone. Bright red, the color. Iron, the metal. 

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor


Scorpio governs the Sexual Organs. Scorpio is the house of Mars, the planet of war and in sex is the root of the Great Battle between White and Black Magicians, between the Solar and Lunar forces.

The lunar race mortally hates everything that has the flavor of the Maithuna (AZF), White Tantrism, the Sacred Cow, etc. 

The natives of Scorpio can fall into the most frightening fornication or totally regenerate themselves.

In practice we have been able to veriI that the natives of Scorpio suffer a lot in the first half of their life and even have a love that causes them great bitterness, but in the second half of their life, everything changes, their luck noticeably improves.

The natives of Scorpio have a certain tendency towards anger and vengeance; they forgive someone with great difficulty.

The women of Scorpio are always in danger of remaining as widows and going through many financial needs during the first part of their life.

The men of Scorpio suffer much misery during the first half of life, but due to experience, they improve the second half of their existence.

The persons of Scorpio are persons with energy; they are ambitious, reserved, frank and energetic.

As friends, the natives of Scorpio are truly friends, sincere, faithful, capable of sacrificing themselves for friendship, but as enemies, they are very fearful, vengeful and dangerous.

The mineral of Scorpio is the Magnet; its stone is the Topaz.

The exercise of Scorpio is the Maithuna and the latter is not only practiced during Scorpio but all the time, in a continuous manner, until achieving the Second Birth.

However, we should warn that one should never practice two consecutive times in the same night. It is only permitted to practice once daily.

Many are the students of occultism who complain because they fail (…) We advise those students a short exercise of five minutes on Friday of each week if the case is very serious, or a short exercise of five minutes daily, if the case is not too serious. After one year with these short exercises of five minutes of the Maithuna, one can lengthen them by five minutes more for another year and on the third year one would practice fifteen minutes daily. In this manner, little by little each year, one can lengthen the time of the exercise of the Maithuna until becoming capable of practicing one hour daily.

- Hermetic Astrology, Samael Aun Weor





From the 23 of November to the 21 of December.

Rules: The Hips and Thighs

Metal: Tin

Perfume: Aloe

Stone: Blue Sapphire

Plant: American Agave, Maguey

Flower: Hydrangea

Planet: Jupiter

Color: Blue

Element: Fire

Keyword: Benevolence

Day: Thursday

Ruler: Sachariel


SAGITTARIUS: November 23rd to December 21st

The natives of Sagittarius are extremely passionate. The natives of Sagittarius become angry easily and forgive easily. The natives of Sagittarius are magnanimous and generous. The natives of Sagittarius always love adventures and runins; everything that is grandiose and gigantic attracts them. The natives of Sagittarius are tenacious and contenders; when people think that they have overcome them, they reappear on the battlefield of life, full of courage and valor. The natives of Sagittarius have a great disposition for philosophy. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor



Beloved disciple:

In our present course, we have arrived at the constellation of Sagittarius. Metal: tin.

Stone: blue sapphire.

The natives of Sagittarius are extremely passionate and fornicators.


In this lesson of Jupiter in Sagittarius, we have talked to thee of the nirvanic path, because thunderous Jupiter is the sacred symbol of our Inner Being. This reminds us of the capitoline Jupiter of the Romans. Jupiter in Sagittarius, influences the large femoral arteries, where the blood is totally magnetized under Jupiter

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor


With the help of the Divine Mother, we can eliminate the evil consequences of the abominable Kundartiguador Organ.

The Sign of Sagittarius with its famous centaur, one half Man, one half Beast, is something that should never be forgotten.

Sagittarius is the house of Jupiter. The metal of Sagittarius is tin; the stone is the blue sapphire.

In practice we have been able to verify that the natives of Sagittarius are very fornicating and passionate.

Natives of Sagittarius love journeys, explorations, adventures, sports. Natives of Sagittarius easily become angry and then forgive.

Natives of Sagittarius are very comprehensive; they love beautiful music and possess marvelous intelligence.

Sagittarians are tenacious; when they seem to have definitely failed, they seem to resurrect from their own ashes like the Phoenix Bird of mythology, astonishing all their friends and enemies.

The natives of Sagittarius are capable of embarking on great enterprises, even when they are surrounded by immense dangers.

The financial life of Sagittarians is sometimes very good, but Sagittarians also go through great bitterness and financial difficulties. Lust is what harms Sagittarians the most.



Crouch, in the manner of the Peruvian Guacas; place your hands on your legs, with the index fingers pointing upwards, towards the sky, in order to attract the Rays of the planet Jupiter, so as to intensely magnetize the legs, the thighs. The mantram ISIS is the mantram of this exercise. Isis is the Divine Mother.

This mantram is pronounced by prolonging the sound of each of the four letters that constitute it, iiiiiiiisssssss iiiiiisssssss, divided into two syllables, IS-IS. Pronouncing a sibilant sound, with the S like that of the wind. With this clue you will totally awaken clairvoyance, and will obtain the power to read the “Akashic” records of Nature. We now have to meditate intensely on the Inner Being, begging him to bring us the Angel Zachariel to help us. 

With this exercise one awakens Clairvoyance and the power of Polyvision which permits all of us to study the Akashic Archives of nature in order to get to know the history of the Earth and its races.

It is necessary to practice intensely, daily, in order to magnetize the blood in the femoral arteries. This is how one acquires the power to study in the memory of nature. The Centaur with its two faces, one looking forward and the other backward, is indicating to us this precious faculty of Clairvoyance.

- Hermetic Astrology, Samael Aun Weor




From the 22 of December to the 19 of January.

Rules: the Knees and the Skin

Metal: Lead.

Stone: Onyx.

Perfume: Pine Extract.

Plant: False Plantain.

Flower: Lotus.

Planet: Saturn.

Color: Black.

Element: Earth.

Key Word: Obstruction.

Day: Saturday.

Ruler: Orifiel.


CAPRICORN: December 22nd to January 19th

The natives of Capricorn are pessimistic and melancholic. The natives of Capricorn have great aptitudes for earning their daily bread. The natives of Capricorn arc hardworking and industrious, and have a high sense of their own moral responsibility. A Judas who betrays them is never lacking in the course of their lives. Every Capricorn has to go through a tragedy in love.., a terrible betrayal of love. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor



Beloved Disciple:

Today we have arrived at the constellation of Capricorn in this course.

This constellation is the house of Saturn, the elder of Time. Saturn is the most faraway planet of the Earth’s solar system. The moon is the closest satellite to earth. Mercury follows and then, in order of distance, follows Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, in orderly intervals of distance. 

In Capricorn, we have spoken of the mind, because this sign is the house of Saturn, and in said astro live the green Hierarchies that gave man his mental body. Capricorn is the door of heaven, because it is the house of Saturn. When the soul disembodies, following the “post-mortem” states, it reaches the ultra-

Saturnian sphere, submerges in the infinite and feels the sensation of having the entire infinite within it. This sensation continues until the soul feels bound to a new physical body which allows it to return once more to the painful school of life to continue its ascent through the spiral of life.

Saturn, Lord of death, finds his house in Capricorn. Capricorn influences the knees and the human skeleton. The currents which rise from the earth, on reaching the knees, become charged with the lead of Saturn. Lead gives strength and constancy to those currents. 

The knees possess a marvelous substance which allows them the free movement of such a simple and marvelous osseous gear. “Sinovia” is the substance which means (sin) with, and (ovia) egg; “Substance with egg”. The egg is truly a marvelous substance. Esoteric experiments, highly scientific, in relation with the unfoldment of the human personality, prove that the shell of the egg has certain occult powers which facilitate astral unfoldment (travel). 

The key consists in reducing an eggshell to powder. The disciple will apply these powders over the chest and armpits; he will then lie down on his bed, and cover himself properly with his blankets. The student will then lull himself to sleep, pronouncing the mantram “FARAON”, like this:


This can be pronounced mentally, and when the student feels that he has become numb, he should rise from his bed and head towards the Gnostic Church.

The first syllable “Fa” corresponds to the Chinese Gong, or the musical fa which resounds in the entire creation. We have to pronounce this note to become attuned with mother nature. The second syllable “Ra”, corresponds to a very ancient mantram that vibrates all the chakras of the astral body; this mantram is not pronounced with “r” but with “rr” instead, like this: rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa.

And the last syllable “On” corresponds to the “Hindu” mantram Om, but is here pronounced as: Onnnnnnnnnnnn.

This mantram “FARAON” can be vocalized with the mind or better yet, with the heart.

Therefore, the powerful Egyptian mantram “Faraon” serves to “travel” in the astral body.



The following exercise should be practiced during the sign of Capricorn:

A coffin should be imagined on the floor and the disciple should walk over this imagined coffin but leaving it between his legs, and he will walk with bent knees as if to clear an obstacle, and making the knees spin from left to right, with the intention that they become charged with the lead of Saturn, such as our great guru “Huiracocha” taught us It is also urgent to practice the exercises of internal meditation daily, praying to our “INNER BEING” to transport himself to the sidereal temples to bring before us the principal genii of that constellation, so that they may awaken the chakras and powers of the knees.

The natives of Capricorn are as melancholic as the willow. They have a great sense of their own moral responsibility. They are pessimistic and always have a Judas in their lives.

They are practical and are always very much preoccupied with tomorrow. Their principal worry is about the economic aspect of life. They suffer much in love, and must always pass through a great amorous deception. Their metal is lead. Stone: black onyx. Color: gray and black.

-Zodiacal Course Samael Aun Weor 







From the 20 of January to the 18 of February.

Rules: The Calves of the Leg and the Ankles.

Metal: Aluminum, Uranium and Lead.

Stone: Sapphire and black Pearl

Perfume: the Nard.

Plant: Pine and Cypress.

Flower: Bellorita.

Planet: Uranus.

Color: Green.

Element: Air.

Day: Saturday.

Key Word: Altruism.

Ruler: Archer and Sakmakrel. 


AQUARIUS: January 20th to February 18th

The natives of Aquarius are of strict will and possess a formidable intuition. The natives of Aquarius are friends of independence and dearly love polemics and philosophical discussions. The great leaders of Aquarius are the revolutionaries of the era. Aquarians have a great disposition for all studies of occult wisdom.

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor 


The sign of Aquarius governs the calves of the legs. The Brazilians call the calves “ventres das pernas” or “matriz dos pernas “ Translated it means: “womb in the legs or “uterus of the legs”

Primitive hermaphrodite men reproduced by “spores”, and those spores used to detach from the calves of the legs. The calves are extremely erotic, and that is why every man feels sexually attracted to the woman who has beautiful calves. The terrestrial and celestial forces meet there, combining mutually. 

The following exercise will be done during this sign:



The sign of Aquarius governs the calves. Brazilians call the calves “Ventre Das Pernas”, Womb of the legs”, and they are not mistaken, for certainly, the calves are a marvelous magnetic womb. The energies that rise from the earth, after passing through the bottom of the feet, reach the calves in their ascending path and meet there the energies which descend from above, from the sky of Uranus. The energies that ascend and those which descend, when they meet, magnetize the calves in an intense manner; that is why the latter are really charged with eroticism. Now we will understand why Intellectual Animals feel so attracted by the well shaped calves of women. During the sign of Aquarius, male and female disciples should perform magnetic passes yith their two hands over their calve from Seiow, going upward the purpose of powerfully magnetizing the calves, with the vivid yearning of charging oneself with the extraordinary forces of the Constellation of Aquarius. These magnetic passes should be combined with the following prayer While massaging his calves from below upwards, the disciple will pray like this:


Energy, pass through! Energy, pass through! Penetrate my organism; current that comes from below, ascend and unite with your sister; the current which comes from above, from heaven, from “Uranus”. 

The disciple will then submit himself to internal meditation, praying to his “Inner Being” that he may enter the sidereal temples of Aquarius, to bring thee the genii of that constellation so that you may achieve illumination. 

Aquarius is house of Uranus, and this planet brings chastity, the genie’s” originality, wisdom. The natives of Aquarius are independent and possess great willpower; they are intuitive and love to travel a lot. They love science and wisdom. They have a disposition for the natural sciences.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor


The occult significance of Aquarius is Knowledge. Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, is an eminently revolutionary sign.

Uranus and Saturn are the planets that govern the constellation of Aquarius. Uranus is totally revolutionary and it is clear that reactionary, conservative, regressive and retardatory persons cannot understand it.

Among the minerals of Aquarius, Uranium and Lead stand out especially.

The sapphire is the stone of Aquarius; so is the Black Pearl, which is certainly difficult, but not impossible to find.

We cannot advice the women of Aquarius to ever marry a Taurine man, because they will be unhappy their whole life.

The natives of Aquarius have a great disposition for natural sciences, medicine, chemistry, botany, astrology, biology, astronomy, etc., etc.

The natives of Aquarius are each revolutionary in their own way, in their life, customs, house, outside their house, etc., etc., etc.

The natives of Aquarius stand out as paladins, some on a large scale, others on a small scale, but they all have a marked tendency to be paladins.

Aquarius is the sign of the genius, where Saturn, the ancient of the heavens, provides the profundity that characterizes him and Uranus, the revolutionary planet casts its rays over the human species.

The Aquarians of a superior type are altruistic, philanthropic, generous, faithful in friendship, sincere; they know how to select their friends by instinct; they know persons by intuition and they always want fraternity, humaneness.

The Aquarian of an inferior type is distrustful by nature, a lover of exaggerated retreats, and his intelligence is only dedicated to things of the physical world, to his problems, his affairs, to everything that is of the senses and which is material.

The Aquarian of a superior type is precise in his affairs, concentrated, profound, persevering, marvelous.

The women of Aquarius are good wives, good mothers, but they like to be out of the house and this bothers the husbands a lot, especially if the latter are Taurines.

-Hermetic Astrology Samael Aun Weor





From the 19 of February to the 20 of March.

Rules: The Feet.

Metal: Platinum and Tin,

Stone: Amethyst.

Perfume: Thyme.

Plant: American Agave (maguey) and false Plantain.

Flower: Violet.

Planet: Neptune.

Color: Violet.

Element: Water.

Key Word: Dignity.

Day: Thursday.

Ruler: Rasamosa and Uacabiel.


PISCES: February 19th to March 20th

Pisceans are of a will that is stronger than steel. Pisceans are intuitive and profoundly sentimental. All Pisceans have to go through two homes or two marriages in the course of their lives. Pisceans are extremely sensitive and anything impresses them easily. At times, the natives of Pisces are profoundly melancholic. Although they live in everything, the natives of Pisces are separated from all the vanities of the world. The Piscean has a disposition for two jobs, two different dispositions. From within the sea of Pisces comes forth the Star of the Magicians. From the sea of Pisces come forth all the Messiahs. All the events of the life of the Piscean repeat themselves. The good is repeated for them, and the bad is also repeated. When good luck comes to them, it comes from all sides, and when bad luck comes, it comes from all sides.

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor


Beloved Disciple:

Today we have arrived at Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, governed by Neptune and Jupiter.

I have prepared this course with a single objective: that you may win the limitless struggle of Nirvana.

Every man has his “Inner Being”, and every “Inner Being” has its father who engendered it; that is, our father who is in heaven. 

Aun mani padme jum; this mantram is esoterically pronounced like this: 

“Om masi padme yom”, (prolonging the sound of each letter, and syllabicating).

The meaning of this mantram is: “Oh my God in me!”

This mantram should be vocalized with the heart in profound meditation, adoring the “Inner Being”, rendering cult to the “Inner Being”, because the Inner Being is essentially the soul of our father incarnated in us, our divine individuality in which we need to absorb ourselves to enter that infinite and undescribable happiness of Nirvana, where neither suffering, tears, nor pain exist.


Our Lord, the Christ, taught us to pray like this:

“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.” 

This prayer is done in profound meditation, adoring that ineffable star from which our “Inner Being” came and in this manner, we will learn to talk with our Father who is in secret.

Each one of us has his spiritual and astral inheritance, from his Father who is in heaven. All the mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual faculties are influenced by the occult properties of the scale of causes proceeding from the hierarchy of planetary genii, and not by the physical planets. Once more we say, that because of this, we, the authentic astrologers, are not interested in arithmetic Astrology. 

The solar system develops within the womb of the Zodiac, and the twenty-four elders and their twelve zodiacal hierarchies work from this solar system through their planetary rays.


These twenty-four elders have their sacred names; each of the twelve zodiacal constellations is governed by two elders; in this manner: 

  1. Aries: Sataaran and Sarahiel.
  2. Taurus: Bagdad and Araziel.
  3. Gemini: Sagras and Saraiel,
  4. Cancer: Ramdhar and Phakiel.
  5. Leo: Sagham and Seratiel,
  6. Virgo: ladara and Schaltiel.
  7. Libra: Grasgarben and Hadakiel.
  8. Scorpio: Richol and Saissalel.
  9. Sagittarius: Vhori and Saritaiel.
  10. Capricorn: Sagdolon and Semakiel.
  11. Aquarius: Archer and Sakmakrel.
  12. Pisces: Rasamosa and Uacabiel.


These are the 24 elders who rule the twelve zodiacal constellations. 

During your zodiacal exercises you should visit the sidereal temples of the genii with whom you are practicing. 

Therefore: in Aries you will visit the genii of Aries, in Taurus, those of Taurus, etc., praying to these genii to come and treat your organs corresponding to the zodiacal sign with which you are working. 

These twenty-four elders sometimes meet in the Earth’s heart-temple, around the Lamb.

Our twelve faculties or our twelve senses are the twelve faculties of the zodiac within us.

We should make our zodiac sparkle through these exercises, to become ineffable Gods. 

Our body is entirely a musical harp where the seven vowels of nature should resound incessantly.

Therefore, during Pisces it is necessary to vocalize the seven vowels as follows: 









The sound of each of these vowels should be taken from our head to our feet. Master “Huiracocha” says that one hour of daily vocalization is worth more than reading a million books of oriental theosophy.

Pisces influences the feet, which are the sieves through which the energies that rise from the genie of the earth, enter.

Our past lives are written in the lines of our feet, and the ceremony of washing the feet, performed by the Divine Redeemer of the world, means that the “Divine Lamb” has come to wash away our past faults with his blood. Christ is the lamb of God who washes away the sins of the world. The key to entering Nirvana resides in absolute sanctity and in absolute chastity. It is necessary for the student to learn the signs of the heavens.(…) 

Pisces is wisely symbolized by two Fish; the Fish is the soma of the Mysteries of Isis.

The Fish is the living symbol of Primitive, Gnostic Christianity.

The Two Fish of Pisces linked by a hyphen have a profound Gnostic significance; they

represent the two Souls of the Primordial Elohim submerged within the deep waters of




During the sign of Pisces, we have to vocalize one hour daily. Let us remember that in the beginning was the Verb and that the Verb was with God and that the Verb was God. In ancient times, the seven vowels of nature resounded in the entire human organism from head to toes, and it is now necessary to restore the seven notes in the marvelous harp of our organism, in order to restore the lost powers. The vowel “I” causes the Pineal and Pituitary glands to vibrate; these two small glands are united by a small extremely subtle canal or capifiary, which has already disappeared in cadavers. The Pineal gland is located in the superior part of the cerebrum and the Pituitary gland, in the cavernous plexus between the two eyebrows. Each of these two small glands has its Vital Aura and when these two auras blend, the Spatial Sense is developed and we see the ultra of all things. The vowel “E” causes the thyroid gland which secretes the biological iodine to vibrate. This gland is located in the throat and in it resides the chakra of the magical ear. The vowel “O” causes the heart chakra, the center of Intuition and all types of powers to travel in the Astral, Jinas state, etc., to vibrate. The vowel “U” causes the solar plexus, located in the umbilical region, to vibrate. This solar plexus is the Telepathic Center and the Emotional Cerebrum. The vowel “A” causes the pulmonary chakras, which permit us to remember our past lives, to vibrate. The vowel “M”, profanely held as a consonant, is vocalized with the lips closed, without opening the mouth, and the sound that then comes out through the nose is the “M”. The vowel “M” causes the Ens Seminis, the waters of life, the Mercury of secret philosophy, to vibrate. The vowel “S” is a sweet and gentle hissing which causes the fire inside of us to vibrate. Seated in a comfortable armchair, we have to vocalize I. E. O. U. A. M. S., carrying the sound of each of these seven vowels from the head to the feet. It is necessary to inhale, then exhaling the air together with the well prolonged vowel sound, until exhausting the exhalation. This exercise has to be done daily in order to develop the internal magical powers.

Pisces is governed by Neptune, the planet of practical occultism and by Thundering Jupiter, the Father of the Gods.

The metal of Pisces is the tin of Jupiter; its stones, the amethyst, the corals. Pisces governs the feet.

Usually, the natives of Pisces have two wives, several children.

They are of a dual nature and they have a disposition for two professions or trades.

The natives of Pisces are very difficult to comprehend; they live like the fish, in everything, but separated from everything by the liquid element. They adapt to everything, but deep down, they despise all the things of the world. They are exquisitely sensitive, intuitive and profound and people cannot comprehend them.

The natives of Pisces have a great disposition for occultism, due to the fact that Pisces is governed by Neptune, the planet of esoterism.

The women of Pisces are very nervous, sensitive like a very delicate flower, intuitive, impressionable.

Pisces persons have good social sentiments; they are happy, peaceful, hospitable by nature.

The danger of Pisces people is of falling into laziness, negligence, passivity and indifference for life. Pisces people can even reach the lack of moral responsibility.

The mind of Pisces people oscillates between rapid or fatal comprehension, laziness and disdain for the most necessary things of life. Those are two extremes, and they just as soon fall into one extreme as they do into the other. The will of Pisces people is sometimes strong, but inconsistent on other occasions.

When Pisces people fall into indifference and extreme passivity, they allow themselves to be carried away by the current of the river of life, but when they see the seriousness of their conduct, they put their steel will into play and they then radically change the entire course of their existence.

Pisces people of a superior type are one hundred percent Gnostic; they possess a will of unbreakable steel and a very elevated sense of moral responsibility.

The superior type of Pisces produces great Enlightened Beings, Masters, Initiated Kings, etc., etc.

The inferior type of Pisces has a marked tendency towards lust, alcoholism, gluttony, laziness, pride.

Pisces people like journeys, but not all of them can travel. Pisces people have a great imagination and tremendous sensitivity.

It is very difficult to comprehend Pisces people; only Pisces people can comprehend Pisces people.

What for run-of-the-mill people has great importance, is worth nothing for Pisces people, but he is diplomatic, he adapts himself to people, he appears to agree with them.

The most serious thing for the natives of Pisces, is to have to define themselves in the conjugal matter, for almost always, two basic, fundamental loves put them in a dead end alley.

The superior type of Pisces already transcends all these weaknesses and is chaste in an absolute manner.

Usually, Pisces people customarily suffer a lot with the family in their first years.

It is difficult to find a Pisces person who was happy with his family during his first years.

The very inferior type of women of Pisces fall into prostitution and alcoholism.

The superior type of women of Pisces never fall in this manner; they are like a very delicate flower, like a beautiful lotus flower.

-Hermetic Astrology Samael Aun Weor