Learn the true mysteries behind the world's universal spiritual teachings and practice dynamic methods to positively awaken the consciousness.





         Topics / Temas:

        -Gnostic Studies / Cursos Gnosticos

        -Esoteric Psychology / Psicologia Esoterica

        -Meditation / Meditacion

        -Kabbalah and Alchemy / Kabala y Alquimia

        -Esoteric Mysteries and Symbolism / Misterios Esotericos y Simbolismo

        -Astrology Zodiac / Astrología Zodíaco

        -Dream Yoga / Yoga Del Sueno

        -Tarot / Tarot




Our classes are always given on a donation basis only. The Gnostic Center of Long Beach is a non-profit institution.


Our sole purpose is to share, as clearly as possible, this true teaching for the benefit of the consciousness.





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