Zodiacal Practices




ZODIACAL COURSE by Samael Aun Weor


We dedicate this course of esoteric education to humanity and very especially to all those disillusioned of schools, religions, lodges and sects; theirs is this course of intimate self-education and true practical knowledge.

There are two types of knowledge: The Eye Doctrine and the Heart Doctrine. The eye doctrine is for those who are satisfied with spiritual theories and the heart doctrine is for authentic initiates. To the eye doctrine belong all the members of the so-called spiritual schools and as variable is their concept as is the opinion of writers. To the heart doctrine belong all the masters of the Universal White Fraternity because within it is enclosed the primeval truths of this unique knowledge. One comes to us through deduction and the other through intuition. The former is produced by the intellect and the latter by the

Internal Master; one is human, the other is divine.

The eye doctrine strengthens the mind. Because of it, the mind is the abode of desire: she thinks, reasons, analyzes, draws conclusions and leads to erred action. She wants to resolve everything by herself, without taking into consideration the voice of the Internal Master. The Internal Master does not analyze, or reason because his voice is the voice of intuition. The heart doctrine opens the doors to the hail of knowledge.

Schools have already given all they had to offer. The centers of knowledge are now converted to business places, each with its tyrant that forbids its adepts and students to go out in search of knowledge; the prohibitions here, the excommunications and threats there, always leaving things for tomorrow, making a big issue out of the password, the protective amulet, the non-plus-ultra..., of the secrets that no other school possesses. We are not looking for flatterers of masters nor are we interested in hard-hearted henchmen. We are guiding pillars. We indicate with logical thought and exact concept the path to follow so that each person arrives at his Internal Master, he who lives in silence within each of you. We inform you that knowledge belongs to the Inner Self and that virtues and gifts are not a matter of false pretense and false humility but that they are terrible realities, that convert us into powerful and gigantic oaks so that the frailties of the mind, the threats of black magicians, the envy of tyrants can shatter against our strong personality.

This course is for all the rebels of all schools, for those who do not believe in masters, for those dissatisfied with all beliefs, for those who still have left in them a little manhood and a spark of love.

We are not interested in anyone’s money, nor are we interested in monthly fees, or brick temples, of cement or clay, because we are conscious visitors in the cathedral of the soul and we know that wisdom is of the soul. Flattery tires us, praises should only belong to our Father who is in secret and watches us minutely. We are not in search of followers, we only want each person to follow himself, his own

Internal Master, his sacred Inner Self because he is the only one that can save and glorify us.

“I do not follow anyone, therefore no one should follow me”. Men offer human knowledge and God - the bread of life; the truth shall set you free. We do not want more comedies, pretenses, nor false mysticisms and false schools. Now we want living realities, we want to prepare ourselves to see, hear and touch the reality of those truths. Let us take the sword of our will to break all the links of the world and launch ourselves head-on to a terrible battle for liberation, because we know that salvation is within man.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor



It is urgent to awaken consciousness in each of the twelve parts of the human organism

and that is the purpose of the zodiacal exercises.


Twelve Parts of the Human Organism: 

  • Aries: Governs the head
  • Taurus: The throat
  • Gemini: The arms, legs and lungs
  • Cancer: The thymus gland
  • Leo: The heart
  • Virgo: The abdomen, the intestines
  • Libra: The kidneys
  • Scorpio: The sexual organs
  • Sagittarius: The major femoral arteries
  • Capricorn: The knees
  • Aquarius: The calves and ankles
  • Pieces: The feet 


Beloved disciple:

On entering these studies of esoteric Astrology, I should give you a few prior instructions that will serve as positive orientation in these classes. In the stellar nucleus of all sidereal sun, planet, every lunar satellite or comet, there always exists a “heart temple” which is the secret dwelling of a sidereal genie. Thus, the entire infinite is a system of hearts. This is why esoteric Astrology is the religion of light and the heart.


Each of our sidereal planets has its Sidereal Ruler:

  • Gabriel is the Ruler of the Moon
  • Raphael is the Ruler of Mercury
  • Uriel is the Ruler of Venus
  • Michael is the Ruler of the Sun
  • Samael is the Ruler of Mars
  • Zachariel is the Ruler of Jupiter
  • Orifiel is the Ruler of Saturn 


These are the seven spirits before the throne of God. As we have already said, each of them dwells in a heart-temple, and because of it, esoteric Astrology is the religion of light and love. These are the seven angels who distribute among them the governing of the world in seven different eras, since the entire history of the world is summarized in seven eras. The seven planets are the cords of a divine lyre where the word of the creator resounds with its most ineffable melody. The entire solar system happens to be the celestial body of the great Being: the “Logos” of the solar system, the “Ineffable”. The solar system seen from afar, looks like a man walking through the ineffable infinite. The seven spirits before the throne, happen to be, we can say, their ministers and the rulers of the cosmic evolution of this solar system. Very well; thou know that every wheel has its axis, and because of this, thou will, therefore, understand that the base of motion resides at the center of every mass. Mass can only be dominated from its center and the center of all mass is the spirit. Due to this, we affirm that a heart temple, which is the dwelling of the genie of the star, exists in every sidereal center. These celestial genii are precisely the authentic governors of the infinite, and rulers and lords of our own human destinies. Profane astrologers will tell you, for example, that a quadrature of Saturn with Mars brings you a catastrophe, or that an opposition of Venus and Mars, a failure, in love, etc., but these forecasts by profane astrology can fail even when the mathematical calculations are exact, because these sidereal forces are not blind forces. These forces are precisely the rays of the planetary genii, and these masters can modify all human events even when the horoscope is full of quadratures and oppositions. So that Arithmetic Astrology is not exact; for which reason I consider that one cannot be an authentic Astrologer without being a magician in Alchemy. Lamblichus, the great magician, invoked the planetary genii and materialized them in the physical world to talk to them, and it was through them that he accomplished his great marvels. Divine magic can only be practiced through the “Inner Self” of the “magician”, and the

Inner Self is our spirit, our “Superior Self”, our Angel. It is also true that Nature is a great alchemical laboratory where essences exist and events of all types are combined.

In the schools of inner instruction, we are made to learn these golden rules:

“The Lion of the Law is combated with the Scale”.

“When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law”. 

The absolute comprehension of these two golden rules allows us to neutralize the disastrous effects of all the quadratures and oppositions of our personal horoscope. This means that through these golden rules we can destroy Karma and we can triumph in life. Record these two golden rules properly in your mind, for I will teach you how to manipulate its formulae in the coming lessons. This course of Esoteric Astrology will convert you into magicians and alchemists and will develop all your occult powers. Thou shalt then know how to make thyself invisible, how to invoke and materialize the planetary Gods in the physical world, how to talk with them; how to kill Karma, and the secret art of succeeding in life through certain mysterious formulae that will permit thee to manipulate the sidereal rays for thy own ends and to help others.

Now, to end this preamble of our present lesson, I will tell thee, that two columns exist at the door (portico) of all sidereal time: one white and the other black. The column at the right is called “JACHIN” and the left column is called “BOAZ”.

You should also know, good disciple, that there is a guardian at each column. The guardian at the right column holds the staff of justice in his hands, and the one at the left holds a book in his hands.

Jachin and Boaz are the two “passwords” that will permit thee to enter the heart temple of each star to manipulate rays and provoke events in the physical world.

Beloved Disciple:

In the past lecture I promised I would give thee the clues of these two golden rules:

The Lion of the Law is combated with the Scales; When an Inferior Law is transcended by a Superior Law, the Superior Law washes away the Inferior Law. The solution to these two golden rules is found in a third which says: 

“Do good deeds to pay your debts”. 

Very well, now imagine a scale: On one pan lie your good deeds and, on the other, your bad deeds and your corresponding Karma. If the Karmic pan is inclined against you, then you will be able to fight it by placing more weight on the pan of good deeds and then thou shall incline the scale in thy favor and

thus kill Karma. A temple of the Lords of Karma exists in the subtle world and the jackal is great chief of

these judges of destiny. This great Being is supreme Judge of the Cosmic Tribunal; he has the appearance of a great man with the head of a jackal. When we have accumulated capital in the Cosmic Bank, we pay our debts and avoid pain. Those who live daily making “new deposits” to the Cosmic Bank will always have something with which to pay their old debts. In this matter of paying debts, one should

always keep in mind the law of “Analogies” and of “Correspondences”. The Karmic analogies are fought with Dharmic analogies. Karma and Dharma: these two oriental terms mean punishment and reward. In a more philosophical form we would say: bad action and bad consequence, and modifying the causes, one modifies the effects, since the effects are nothing else but causes reproduced in another form. Are you going to be made a prisoner? Give freedom to another ! Is your son going to die? Heal your fellowman! Are you in misery? Give all that you have left to the hungry and sacrifice all your efforts in favor of others. Beg, in prayer, to the Lords of Karma and you will be heard.

Do not forget, beloved disciple, that justice is the supreme mercy and impiety of the law.

So, I have already taught you the two golden rules and I have explained to you how to kill Karma.

In the following lessons I will be teaching you how to manage the sidereal rays. 

He who has, receives and the more he gives, the more he receives: that is the law.

But those who do works of evil shall be victims of their own deeds ! 

Why do people suffer? Why do they blaspheme against God if human suffering is not God’s fault? We ourselves are the creators of our own destiny. Sanctify thyself, beloved disciple, Sanctify thyself! 

There are three eternal things in life: the LAW, NIRVANA AND SPACE.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor 



The disciple will sit comfortably in a chair and will then concentrate his Mind on his INNER-SELF, saying:

“You who art myself, my true BEING. Leave my body, enter the doors of the heart temple of (here one names the planet which one will work with in those instants).” Then the words, JACHIN, BOHAZ are pronounced. Next, the Magician asks the Sidereal Genie with whom one is working, for the desired service: love, journeys, business, etc. The magician will clamor several times asking for: CHORUS, CHORUS, CHORUS; and the angels will work, but according to the Law. The planetary LOGOS will send choruses of angels to work with the magician, to dominate and overcome. This is how one works with the ray of the stars. This is how our disciples can solve their particular problems.

  • GABRIEL is the angel of the MOON.
  • RAPHAEL is the angel of MERCURY.
  • URIEL is the angel of VENUS.
  • MICHAEL is the angel of the SUN.
  • SAMAEL is the angel of MARS.
  • ZACIIARIEL is the angel of JUPITER.
  • ORIFIEL is the angel of SATURN.



  • THE MOON. Journeys, manual arts, novelists, liquid-related businesses, matters related with maternity, agriculture, illnesses of the stomach and of the brain, etc.
  • MERCURY. Journalism, intellectualism, businesses, quarrels, journeys and all types of matters related with the Mind.
  • VENUS. Loves, marriages, women, perfumes, music, plastic arts, dramatic arts, poetry.
  • THE SUN. High dignitaries, mystical matters, social position, high Hierarchs, etc.
  • MARS. Wars, military matters, police matters, quarrels, leaders, works related with the dollar bill and the coin, big businesses, matters related with judges, and with tribunals, etc.
  • JUPITER. High civil and ecclesiastic military persons, matters related with the dollar bill and the coin, big businesses, matters related with judges and with tribunals, etc.
  • SATURN. Matters related with lands, matters related to mines, funerary matters, angels of death, etc.

 The magician should learn to handle the sparkle of the stars, because the angels of the stars are the absolute governors of the world.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor