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Prayer in the Work


"The Gnostic who learns to combine meditation with prayer, can undoubtedly make contact — consciously and objectively — with the gods of Nature."
-The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac, Samael Aun Weor


Observation, judgement and execution are the three basic factors of dissolution.
First: one observes oneself. Second: judgement is passed. Third: execution takes place.

In war, spies are first observed; secondly, they are judged; thirdly, they are shot. Self-discovery and self-revelation exist in our inter relationships. Therefore, whosoever renounces living together with his fellowmen also renounces self-discovery. Any incident in life, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, undoubtedly has as its cause an intimate actor within us, a psychic aggregate, an “I.” Self-discovery is possible when we are in a state of alert perception, alert novelty.

Any “I” discovered flagrantly must be carefully observed in our mind, heart, and sexual center. Any “I” of lust could manifest itself in the heart as love and in the mind as an ideal. Yet, as we pay attention to the sexual center, we may feel a certain morbid, unmistakable excitement.The judgment of any “I” must be definitive. We need to sit it down on the bench of the accused and judge it mercilessly. Evasion, justification, and consideration must be eliminated if in reality we want to be conscious of the “I” that we struggle to extirpate from our psyche.Execution is different. It would not be possible to execute any “I” without previously observing it and judging it.Prayer in the psychological work is fundamental for the dissolution of the “I” We need a power superior to the mind if indeed we want to disintegrate this or that “I” The mind by itself can never disintegrate any “I”; this is indisputable and irrefutable. To pray is to talk with God. We must appeal to God the Mother in the depths of our heart if we truly want to disintegrate “I’s.” The one who does not love his or her Mother, the ungrateful child, will fail in the work upon himself.
-Revolutionary Psychology, Samael Aun Weor


 "When the mind has achieved absolute quietude and silence, it can concentrate on the Intimate; this concentration is done with the help of prayer. Pray to your Intimate, try to converse with the Intimate. Remember that praying is conversing with God. You can pray without formula, that is to say,  talk to God; tell Him what your heart feels with infinite love".
-Introduction to Gnosis, Samael Aun Weor


Prayers and Practices