From the 24 of October to the 22 of November.

Rules: The Sexual Organs

Metal: Magnet

Stone: Topaz

Perfume: Coral

Plant: The Oak Tree

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Planet: Mars

Color: Red

Element: Water

Key Word: Action

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Samael


SCORPIO: October 24th to November 22nd

The human BEING has seven bodies; each body has its Spinal Medulla and its Serpent. (See Zodiacal Course by he same author). The seven bodies of man are the following:


Each body has its sacred Serpent. We have seven Serpents: two groups of three, with the sublime coronation of the seventh tongue of fire, which unites us with the ONE, with the LAW, with the FATHER. Practicing Sexual Magic intensely with the female, we raise the seven Serpents on the rod and we transform ourselves into omnipotent Gods of the Universe with powers over the four elements: earth, water, 1u and air. Scorpio rules the sexual organs and the redemption of man is in the sexual organs. The natives of Scorpio possess terrible magical powers. The natives of Scorpio are irritable, rancorous and vindictive. However dominating anger, vengeance and rancor the natives of Scorpios can transform themselves into powerful and terrible white magicians. Scorpios arc completely chaste or completely fornicating. The natives of Scorpio have a terrible will. The clue to transform oneself into a magician is to INTRODUCE THE MEMBER INTO THE VAGINA OF THE WOMAN AND WITHDRAW IT WITHOUT SPILLING THE SEMEN. He who becomes accustomed to this exercise and never ejaculates his semen in his life will transform himself into a very terrible and powerful God. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor



Beloved disciple:

We have arrived at the omnipotent empire of strength and power. We now only want to speak in the language of majesty and might. We now only want to understand the omnipotence of strength. This is the terrible kingdom of Pluto, the omnipotent empire of strength and of the magician. This is the igneous dwelling of Bellicose Mars. Legions of the earth! Legions of the air! Legions of the waters! Legions of the fire! Obey us! 

Scorpio rules the sexual organs and in the latter resides all the power of the magician.

Scorpio is the house of Mars and “Pluto”, the visitor.

We say visitor because this terrible Genie of practical magic does not belong to this solar system. He is merely a visitor who is helping all the warriors of the rocky path.


The Kundalini rises in accordance with the practice of AZF and in accordance with our process of sanctification, for as we said, the ascension depends on the merits of the heart.


The natives of Scorpio are of strong will, but should fight against the defect of anger, of hatred and vengeance. The natives of Scorpio are either totally chaste or fornicators altogether. They always pass through bitterness before the age of thirty. Topaz, the stone. Bright red, the color. Iron, the metal. 

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor


Scorpio governs the Sexual Organs. Scorpio is the house of Mars, the planet of war and in sex is the root of the Great Battle between White and Black Magicians, between the Solar and Lunar forces.

The lunar race mortally hates everything that has the flavor of the Maithuna (AZF), White Tantrism, the Sacred Cow, etc. 

The natives of Scorpio can fall into the most frightening fornication or totally regenerate themselves.

In practice we have been able to veriI that the natives of Scorpio suffer a lot in the first half of their life and even have a love that causes them great bitterness, but in the second half of their life, everything changes, their luck noticeably improves.

The natives of Scorpio have a certain tendency towards anger and vengeance; they forgive someone with great difficulty.

The women of Scorpio are always in danger of remaining as widows and going through many financial needs during the first part of their life.

The men of Scorpio suffer much misery during the first half of life, but due to experience, they improve the second half of their existence.

The persons of Scorpio are persons with energy; they are ambitious, reserved, frank and energetic.

As friends, the natives of Scorpio are truly friends, sincere, faithful, capable of sacrificing themselves for friendship, but as enemies, they are very fearful, vengeful and dangerous.

The mineral of Scorpio is the Magnet; its stone is the Topaz.

The exercise of Scorpio is the Maithuna and the latter is not only practiced during Scorpio but all the time, in a continuous manner, until achieving the Second Birth.

However, we should warn that one should never practice two consecutive times in the same night. It is only permitted to practice once daily.

Many are the students of occultism who complain because they fail (…) We advise those students a short exercise of five minutes on Friday of each week if the case is very serious, or a short exercise of five minutes daily, if the case is not too serious. After one year with these short exercises of five minutes of the Maithuna, one can lengthen them by five minutes more for another year and on the third year one would practice fifteen minutes daily. In this manner, little by little each year, one can lengthen the time of the exercise of the Maithuna until becoming capable of practicing one hour daily.

- Hermetic Astrology, Samael Aun Weor