From the 23 of September to the 23 of October.

Rules: The Kidneys

Metal: Copper

Stone: Chrysolite

Perfume: Galbanum

Plant: Pine and Cypress

Flower: Narcissus

Planet: Venus

Color: Green

Element: Air

Key Word: Love

Day: Friday

Ruler: Uriel


LIBRA: September 23rd to October 23rd

Before the scale existed, the face did not see the face. Everything that is, everything that was and everything that will be is weighed on the scale. All the Kings that entered the ABSOLUTE were weighed on the scale. The scale is the dress of the Ancient of the Days; the scale does not become entangled in anything; the scale is the garb of the ABSOLUTE. Justice and mercy united, shine in the world of AZILUTH. The natives of Libra always have equilibrium in Love and their lives are as unstable as the movements of the pans of the scale. The natives of Libra suffer in love. The natives of Libra have many aptitudes and great ability to earn their daily bread. The sword of Cosmic Justice is beyond good and evil. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor


Beloved disciple:

Today we have entered the equilibrating sign of Libra. This sign is the house of Saturn and Venus.

The planets: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn live and throb within “our” conscience. The soul develops and unfolds within this solar system, that lives in the very depth of our conscience.

Among the death and new birth of the “good souls”, they should unfold within each one of the planetary auras whose mixtures form that which all books of spiritualism denominate “planes”. 

Libra influences the kidneys.

Libra is the sign of the equilibrating forces and the forces of our human organism should balance in a “total” form in our kidneys.

All the forces of the Universe keep seeking equilibrium and we should learn the equilibrium of all things. 

Thou should not mix antagonistic forces because terrible destructive forces result from such mixture. Look carefully at those who surround thee and do not live in a house with people full of hatred, or superficiality, because the mixture of antagonistic forces creates destructive forces for thee and for those who live with thee. Learn, therefore, the force of equilibrium.

Intellectuals end up “nutty” or crazy because they attempt against the forces of equilibrium. Imagine an encounter of energies forming an X. Now then, let us take this example to man. Every human has a connection of seven vehicles and if we concentrate our attention on the mind or mental body, which is the center of thy X, the result would be the rupture of the mental body. 

Intellectuals who have their attention fixed on the intellect, end up breaking the mental body. Almost all intellectuals have their manias, insanities dissimulated by theories and “manias”. 

In ancient times, man was more simple and since he did not have the intellect of the animal soul, he perceived the subtle and the planetary genii. Ancient men grew spiritually under the influence of the “Ursa Major” and students should meditate intensely on the Ursa Major if they want to awaken consciousness. That constellation radiates powerful spiritual forces and man should learn to converse with the sidereal genii of that constellation.



There is a key to transfer oneself to that constellation. The key is to meditate profoundly on a “yellow stone” that exists in the astral. Do this exercise in the moments of transition between vigil and sleep and thou shall then transfer thyself in the astral body to the largest star of the Ursa Major, where a powerful and gigantic civilization exists.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Orifiel are the four Lords that rule the karmic balance of the four winds (North, South, East and West). These are the four angels of the four cardinal points of the earth. 

Esoteric Astrology should live within the law of perfect equilibrium. 

Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is the true and legitimate order of the days of the week. 

This is the authentic and legitimate calendar that the Roman-Catholic sect adulterated and which befalls on us to restore, to live in accordance with the law of equilibrium. The authentic week is based on the law of true equilibrium and planetary order. We should learn how to look at the alternatives of pleasure and pain, of profit and loss, with indifference.

The Bhagavad Gita says: 

“The mind that follows wandering thoughts, makes the soul as invalid as the boat which the wind leads astray on the waters”.

“Kill sensation, teach the Sutta Nipata; equally see pleasure and pain, profit and loss, victory and defeat’

 The natives of Libra are very skillful in everything, but suffer much in love, since their love affairs and life are as unstable as the scale.



Stand up, with the feet firm and arms extended to the sides in the form of a cross, or scale and move inclining the waist seven times to the right and seven towards the left, with the intention that all our energies become balanced in our kidneys.

-Zodiacal Course Samael Aun Weor



The one who awakens Consciousness, can travel in his internal bodies outside the physical body, with full conscious will and study his own book of destiny.

In the Temple of Anubis and his Forty-Two Judges, the initiate can study his own book.

Anubis is the supreme ruler of Karma. The Temple of Anubis is found in the Molecular World, called the Astral World by many people.

The Initiates can directly negotiate with Anubis. We can pay every karmic debt with good deeds, but we have to negotiate with Anubis.

The Law of Karma, the Law of the Cosmic Balance is not a blind law; one can also ask for credit from the Lords of Karma, but every credit must be paid with good deeds and if not paid, then the Law collects with pain. 

Libra, the zodiacal sign of the Balance, governs the kidneys. Libra is the sign of the equilibrating forces and in the kidneys, the forces of our organism should balance in a complete manner.



Stand up, in a military position of attention and then with the arms extended in the form of a cross or scale, move in the form of a scale, inclining seven times to the right and seven to the left with the intention that all of your energies become equilibrated in the kidneys. The movement of the upper half of the spinal column should be like that of a scale. The forces that ascend from the earth passing by the sieve of our feet along the entire organism, should become equilibrated at the waist and this is carried out successfully with the balancing movement of Libra. 

Libra is governed by Venus and Saturn; its metal is copper and its stone is the chrysolite. In practice we have been able to verify that the natives of Libra usually have, in their majority, a certain imbalance in matters related to conjugal life, to love. The natives of Libra create many problems for themselves due to their manner of being frank and just.

Libra people of good aspect like things straight and just. People do not understand Libra people well; the latter sometimes appear cruel and merciless. They do not know or want to know about diplomacy; hypocrisy bothers them, sweet words of the perverse easily upset them instead to softening them.

Libra people have the defect of not knowing how to forgive their fellowmen; they want to see the Law and nothing but the Law in everything, often forgetting mercy. Libra natives like to travel very much and are persons who faithfully fulfill their duties. Libra natives are what they are and nothing but what they are, frank and just. People usually become angry with the natives of Libra; they are interpreted erroneously due to that manner of being and as is natural, ill is spoken of them and they usually fill

themselves up with unwarranted enemies.

The Libra person cannot be approached with double plays; that is not tolerated and forgiven by the Libra person. One has to always be friendly and kind or always severe with Libra people, but never with that sweetness and harshness, because the Libra person never tolerates and never forgives that. 

The superior type of Libra always confers total chastity. The inferior type of Libra is very fornicating and adulterous. The superior type of Libra have a certain spirituality that spiritualists do not understand and erroneously judge.

The negative inferior type of Libra has dazzling and loquacious, versatile people; he likes to always place himself in the limelight, attract the attention of the whole world. The superior type of Libra wants to always live anonymously and unknown, never feels any attraction for fame, for laurels, for prestige.

The superior type of Libra reveals sensibleness and the sense of foresight a thrift. The inferior type of Libra has much superficiality and covetousness. 

In the medium type of Libra, many qualities and defects of the superior and inferior types of Libra usually mix.

Marriage with Pisces people is convenient for the natives of Libra. Libra natives like to do deeds of charity without expecting a reward or boasting or publishing the service done.

The superior type of Libra loves select music, takes pleasure in it and enjoys it to a maximum degree.

Libra people also feel attraction for good theater, good literature, etc., etc., etc.

- Hermetic Astrology, Samael Aun Weor