From the 23 of August to the 22 of September.

Rules: The intestines and lower Abdomen

Metal: Mercury

Stone: The Emerald

Perfume: White Sandalwood

Plant: The Elm

Flower: The Morning Glory

Planet: Mercury

Color: Yellow

Element: Earth

Key Word: Reason

Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Raphael


VIRGO: August 23rd to September 22nd

The natives of Virgo and of Scorpio are together the marvellous Eden of which the Bible talks to us about I have written this book precisely so that my disciples can become Omnipotent and powerful Gods. I want all my disciples to end all their human weaknesses and transform themselves into Gods and Priests of the Universe. Virgo is the sign of the Celestial Virgin. Virgo is the virginal womb of Divine Nature. When we were elementals we had the seven Serpents on the rod. When we came out of Eden our seven Serpents fell. Our disciples should raise the seven Serpents on the rod so that they can enter Eden and transform themselves into Gods of fire. Virgo is the womb of Mother Nature. The natives of Virgo unfortunately fall into the vicious circle of reasonings and because of this they harm themselves. The natives of Virgo are unfortunate in love. The natives of Virgo fall into the aberrations of intellectualism and because of this do not progress. If the natives of Virgo want to progress they should be simple, they should end all reasonings and have the mind of innocent children.

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor


Beloved disciple:

Today we fully enter the constellation of Virgo, house of Mercury and exile of Venus.

The ancient sages divided the zodiacal belt in ten signs only, since Virgo and Scorpio were “esoterically” considered one single sign. 

Virgo, the sign of the celestial virgin and Scorpio, the sign of the sexual forces, together, are really that marvelous Eden the Bible talks to us about. This is the paradise of virgin men; this is the paradise of the perfect androgyne. This is the Eden the Bible talks about. 

Eden is sex itself. 

“Come to us all those who thirst and we shall give thee the eternal water of life to drink”

“Come to us all weary pilgrims of life and we shall heal thy wounds”. 

Sons of the earth! Listen to thy instructors, the sons of the fire!

In this delightful garden of Virgo and Scorpio, the seven serpents of fire are awaiting to initiate thee in their great mysteries. 

“Ask and it shall be given thee, knock and it shall be opened”. 

Look! My Son! Here is the seal of the heart. To those who visit our “white island” we shall give thee three glasses to drink, three delicious arcanes. 

One is green as the emerald. It is the sexual force of the virgin-mother, “isis”, Nature. The other is as blue as the sky. It is the sexual force of the kingdom of the spirit. The other is like the dew of the leaves in the night. It is the sexual force of the absolute, ineffable...

Only to those who have thirst, shall we give these three arcanes of Eden, so that they may awaken their seven serpents. Those who drink from our three glasses will never thirst again; and rivers of pure water will flow from their abdomens. 

Why do the natives of Virgo suffer? Why do they cry? Why are they not happy in love?

All sins shall be forgiven, except the sins against the Holy Spirit.

The natives of Virgo suffer because they committed Adultery and Fornication in past lives.

The natives of Virgo suffer great amorous deceptions. in Virgo, Mercury becomes reasoning. Reason is of the animal soul, The animal soul is the mind. The mind is the cave of desire.

One cannot kill desire without taking it out of its cave, of its den. 

Imagine a tranquil lake. If you were to throw a stone in that lake, thou would see a series of waves coming from the center to the periphery; Take that same image to the mind. All of a sudden you will see a pornographic image; that image passes from the senses to the lake of thy mind, the latter then reacts with its waves before the external impact and its waves then knock strongly on our sexual organs, producing sexual excitement that is consumed in copulation. Subdue the senses and dominate the mind so that you may not react before external impacts. 

The den of the beast of desire is in the mind.

The great intellectuals are terribly passionate, vicious and fornicating beings.

They have developed the mind and the mind is the animal soul.

When we move under the direction of the material mind or animal soul in the physical world, then we create problems for ourselves; we stay imprisoned, suffering the inexpressible. The man who acts only under hunches is happy, will never lack bread, shelter and refuge; will never have problems. 

Virgo rules over the abdomen.

The forces that rise from the earth, on arriving at the stomach, are charged with adrenal hormones which prepare and purify them for their ascent to the heart.

Virgo works on the isles of Langerhan which secrete insulin, so necessary for the treatment of diabetes. 

In the Zodiacal Course of Master “Huiracocha”, we are taught that we should give small “jumps” to the stomach during this sign, so that the energies that rise from the earth be charged in the stomach, with adrenal hormones. One should be lying in a horizontal position. 

The fundamental zodiacal exercises that we give here, come from the ancient temples of mysteries and, therefore, are not the exclusive patrimony of anyone. However, we must be grateful to the great Guru Arnold Krumm Heller (Huiracocha) who had collected and investigated them, to make them known to us in his marvelous Zodiacal Course.



During the zodiacal sign of Virgo, thou should vocalize the vowel “U” daily to develop the telepathic center of the solar plexus, like this: UUUUUUUUU…. during one hour daily.

Sit in a comfortable chair, focus thy mind on thy Inner-Self and ask him to betake himself to the heart temples of the stars of Virgo, so that he may bring the Gods of Virgo to thy house, so that they may awaken thy virgin powers and heal thy stomach. 

Be assured, beloved reader, that the Sidereal Gods will attend thy call.

Thy Inner-Self can enter and leave the body anytime he wants and due to this, he is not enslaved in the body. He will really enter the sidereal temples, do the necessary salutes, as I have taught thee in the first lessons and will bring the sidereal Gods to thy side, to prepare thy body.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weorl




During this sign of Virgo (the Celestial Virgin), we should, lying on our backs with the body relaxed, move the belly with small jumps, with the purpose of the energies which ascend from the earth becoming charged in the belly with the adrenal hormones. The Gnostic student should comprehend the importance of that cauldron called the stomach and put an end to the vice of gluttony forever. 

Virgo is the zodiacal sign of the Virgin Mother of the World; it is the house of Mercury, its minerals are the jasper and the emerald. In practice we have been able to verify that Virgo natives are unfortunately quite excessively reasoning, beyond the normal, and skeptical by nature. Reason, the intellect are very necessary, but when they come out of their orbit, they are then very harmful. The natives of Virgo are good in science, psychiatry, medicine, naturism, the laboratory, pedagogy, etc., etc., etc. The natives of Virgo cannot get along with Pisces people and that is why we advise them to avoid marriages with Piscine people. The most lamentable thing of Virgo people is the inertia and skepticism which characterizes them. However, it is interesting to know that that tense inertia tends to go from the material to the spiritual, up to where it is accessible through experience. The critical-analytical talent of Virgo is formidable and among the great geniuses of this sign is Goethe who succeeded in transcending the material, inertia, and entered high scientific spirituality. Nonetheless, all Virgo natives are not Goethe. Ordinarily, the materialists, atheists and enemies of everything that smells of spirituality abound among the mediocre of this sign. The egotism of the mediocre people of Virgo is something too grotesque and repugnant, but the Goethe of Virgo are genial and highly altruistic and profoundly disinterested. The natives of Virgo suffer in love and undergo great deceptions, due to the fact that

Venus, the star of love, in Virgo, is in exile.