From the 23 of July to the 22 of August.

Rules: Heart and Spinal Column

Metal: Gold

Stone: Diamond

Perfume: Incense

Plant: Sunflower

Flower: Poppy

Planet: The Sun

Color: Golden

Element: Fire

Day: Sunday

Key Word: Life

Ruler: Michael


LEO: July 23rd to August 22nd

The sign of LEO governs INTUITION. We should free our Mind from all types of schools, theories, political parties, concepts, desires, emotions, passions, etc. From intellectualism without spirituality, rascals come forth. Rascals wander through elegant salons, drink liquors of all types and the whole world applauds them and admires them. Rascals are called doctors, graduates, intellectuals, etc. Rascals have taken over the world, and all the governments of the earth have fallen into their hands. Rascals are the pedantic intellectuals of the age. Rascals have always been the enemies of the sages. Our disciples should abandon all types of knavery. Our disciples should cultivate INTUITION, which resides in the heart. INTUITION is direct perception of the truth, without the depressing process of reasoning and of opinions. The natives of Leo are like the lion; kind and courageous. The natives of Leo are mystics and like to command. The natives of Leo suffer a lot. The natives of Leo sometimes suffer accidents in their arms or hands. The natives of Leo are magnanimous and kind. The natives of Leo become irritated easily and get angry easily. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor



Beloved disciple:

Today we enter the constellation of Leo.

Leo is the heart of the zodiac and the throne of the Sun.

Leo is the dwelling of the sons of the flame, whom the Bible calls “thrones”.

Leo is the house of the Kumaras.

Leo is the house of the Sun and governs our heart.


Just as the Sun is the heart of the solar system, so is the human heart the sun of our organism also.

The forces that descend and those that rise from the earth, in the form of a triangle, meet at the heart, mingle and become redeemed, forming the seal of Solomon.

The heart is the sacred chamber of the blessed mother Goddess of the world.

The ineffable princess of the Kundalini, “Hadit”, the winged serpent of the desert, reaches as far as there.

The cross of initiation is given to us in the heart-temple.

The kundalini is the laboratory where the heart works.

The fires of the heart serve as control to the fires of the spine. The Kundalini rises according to the merits of the heart. The Kundalini evolves and progresses within the aura of the Solar Logos.

The heart is the most sensitive organ of our organism.

The most remote seismic movements of the world are registered within the fine membranes of the heart.

The heart is the sacred temple of the Inner Master. The Inner Master speaks to us in the

form of hunches. If man obeyed those hunches, he would live without problems.

The Inner Master is the divine witness, seated on the throne of the heart-temple.

The inner essence of the Master is absolute happiness and limitless omniscience. 

All initiations are received in the temples of the astral plane, but the school is life itself.

During the sign of Leo, we should act on the heart, through meditation. Inner meditation consists of three phases:


  1. Perfect Concentration
  2. Perfect Meditation
  3. Perfect Samadhi 

One has to concentrate the mind on the Inner Master. One has to meditate on the majesty of the Inner Master. One has to talk with the Inner Master, until one hears his voice and converses ineffable things with HIM...This is called Samadhi. 

So then, we should especially practice inner meditation during this sign of Leo. I advice my disciples to practice inner meditation during those instants in which they feel more predisposed to sleep.

You should totally dominate the untamed horse of the mind.

You should control all possible reactions of the mind before the objects and sounds of the physical world.

The Inner Master is not the mind. The Inner Master is not emotion; the Inner Master is not the will; the Inner Master is not the conscience nor the intelligence. The Inner Master is the divine witness. The Inner Master is the Being. The Inner Master is the Inner-Self; therefore, while sunk in deep inner meditation, say:


Be demanding with thy Inner Master, he should teach thee the most ineffable things. If thy concentration is intense, then thou shall penetrate in the marvels of the cosmos and will learn things which are impossible to describe with words. 

Vocalize daily the vowel “O” during this sign of Leo, to awaken the heart chakra. 


The natives of Leo are energetic and generous at the same time, magnanimous, mystics and authoritarians.

They have a tendency towards anger and should struggle much to dominate that defect.

Leo, being the throne of the Sun, announces fortune and high position.

The occult significance of Leo is Intuition. Gold is the metal of this sign and diamond, its stone.

The natives of Leo are authoritative and want to command only.

Leo brings some journeys. The natives of Leo suffer a great deal morally.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor


The Heart-Temple is house of Prayer.

Found in the heart-temple are the energies which come from above, with the energies which come from below, forming Solomon’s seal.

It is necessary to pray and Meditate profoundly.

It is urgent to know how to relax the physical body in order for Meditation to be correct.

Before beginning the exercises of Prayer and Meditation combined, relax the body properly. 

The Gnostic Disciple should lie down in a face-up position, in other words, lying on his back on the floor or in bed, legs and arms open to the right and left, in the form of a five pointed star.

This Pentagonal Star position is formidable due to its deep meaning, but persons who for any circumstance are unable to meditate in this position, should then meditate by placing their body in the Corpse Posture: heels together, tips of the feet spread out in the form of a fan, arms unbent along the sides, placed alongside the trunk The eyes should be closed in order for things of the physical world to not distract us. 

Drowsiness properly combined with Meditation is very indispensable for the good success of the Meditation. 

It is necessary to try to totally relax all the muscles of the body and then concentrate Attention on the tip of the nose, until we fully feel the heart pulse in that organ of smell, then we will continue with the right ear until we feel the heart pulse in the latter, then we will continue with the right hand, right foot, left foot, left hand, left ear and nose once again, fully feeling the heart pulse separately in each of these organs where we have focused the Attention. 

Control over the physical body begins with control over the pulse. The pulse of the tranquil heart is felt all at once, entirely, in its totality, within the organism, but Gnostics can feel it at will in any part of the body, whether it be on the tip of the nose, an ear, an arm, a foot, etc. It has been demonstrated in practice that by acquiring the possibility of regulating, hastening or slowing down the pulse, the heartbeat can be hastened or slowed down. Control over the palpitations of the heart can never come from the heart muscles, but rather it depends totally on the control of the pulse. This is, beyond all doubt, the Second Heartbeat or Great Heart. The control of the pulse or control of the second heart is achieved totally through the Absolute Relaxation of all the muscles. Through Attention we can accelerate or slow down the Pulsations of the Second Heart and the beats of the first heart.

Samadhi, Ecstasy, Satori always occur with very slow pulsations, and in Maha Sainadhi, pulsations end.

During Samadhi, the Essence, the Buddhata escapes the Personality, then it becomes Fused with the Being and the experience of what is Real in the Illuminating Void comes. It is only in the absence of the that we can converse with the Father, Brahma. Pray and Meditate in order for you to be able to listen to the Voice of the Silence. 

Leo is the throne of the Sun, the heart of the Zodiac.

Leo governs the human heart.

The Sun of the organism is the Heart.

In the heart, the forces from above mix with those from below in order for those from below to become liberated.

The metal of Leo is pure gold.

The stone of Leo is the diamond.

The color of Leo is golden.

We have been able to verify that the natives of Leo are like the lion, brave, irate, noble, worthy, constant. But there are many people and it is clear that, among the natives of Leo, we also find those who are arrogant, proud, unfaithful, tyrants, etc. The natives of Leo also have organizational aptitudes, they develop the sentiment and bravery of the lion. The developed persons of this sign get to be great paladins. The mediocre type of Leo is very sentimental and irate. The mediocre type of Leo overestimates his own capacities too much.

In every native of Leo, mysticism already developed in an incipient stage always exists; it all depends on the type of person.

The natives of Leo are always predisposed to suffer accidents to the arms and hands.

-Hermetic Astrology Samael Aun Weor