From the 20 of January to the 18 of February.

Rules: The Calves of the Leg and the Ankles.

Metal: Aluminum, Uranium and Lead.

Stone: Sapphire and black Pearl

Perfume: the Nard.

Plant: Pine and Cypress.

Flower: Bellorita.

Planet: Uranus.

Color: Green.

Element: Air.

Day: Saturday.

Key Word: Altruism.

Ruler: Archer and Sakmakrel. 


AQUARIUS: January 20th to February 18th

The natives of Aquarius are of strict will and possess a formidable intuition. The natives of Aquarius are friends of independence and dearly love polemics and philosophical discussions. The great leaders of Aquarius are the revolutionaries of the era. Aquarians have a great disposition for all studies of occult wisdom.

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor 


The sign of Aquarius governs the calves of the legs. The Brazilians call the calves “ventres das pernas” or “matriz dos pernas “ Translated it means: “womb in the legs or “uterus of the legs”

Primitive hermaphrodite men reproduced by “spores”, and those spores used to detach from the calves of the legs. The calves are extremely erotic, and that is why every man feels sexually attracted to the woman who has beautiful calves. The terrestrial and celestial forces meet there, combining mutually. 

The following exercise will be done during this sign:



The sign of Aquarius governs the calves. Brazilians call the calves “Ventre Das Pernas”, Womb of the legs”, and they are not mistaken, for certainly, the calves are a marvelous magnetic womb. The energies that rise from the earth, after passing through the bottom of the feet, reach the calves in their ascending path and meet there the energies which descend from above, from the sky of Uranus. The energies that ascend and those which descend, when they meet, magnetize the calves in an intense manner; that is why the latter are really charged with eroticism. Now we will understand why Intellectual Animals feel so attracted by the well shaped calves of women. During the sign of Aquarius, male and female disciples should perform magnetic passes yith their two hands over their calve from Seiow, going upward the purpose of powerfully magnetizing the calves, with the vivid yearning of charging oneself with the extraordinary forces of the Constellation of Aquarius. These magnetic passes should be combined with the following prayer While massaging his calves from below upwards, the disciple will pray like this:


Energy, pass through! Energy, pass through! Penetrate my organism; current that comes from below, ascend and unite with your sister; the current which comes from above, from heaven, from “Uranus”. 

The disciple will then submit himself to internal meditation, praying to his “Inner Being” that he may enter the sidereal temples of Aquarius, to bring thee the genii of that constellation so that you may achieve illumination. 

Aquarius is house of Uranus, and this planet brings chastity, the genie’s” originality, wisdom. The natives of Aquarius are independent and possess great willpower; they are intuitive and love to travel a lot. They love science and wisdom. They have a disposition for the natural sciences.

-Zodiacal Course, Samael Aun Weor


The occult significance of Aquarius is Knowledge. Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, is an eminently revolutionary sign.

Uranus and Saturn are the planets that govern the constellation of Aquarius. Uranus is totally revolutionary and it is clear that reactionary, conservative, regressive and retardatory persons cannot understand it.

Among the minerals of Aquarius, Uranium and Lead stand out especially.

The sapphire is the stone of Aquarius; so is the Black Pearl, which is certainly difficult, but not impossible to find.

We cannot advice the women of Aquarius to ever marry a Taurine man, because they will be unhappy their whole life.

The natives of Aquarius have a great disposition for natural sciences, medicine, chemistry, botany, astrology, biology, astronomy, etc., etc.

The natives of Aquarius are each revolutionary in their own way, in their life, customs, house, outside their house, etc., etc., etc.

The natives of Aquarius stand out as paladins, some on a large scale, others on a small scale, but they all have a marked tendency to be paladins.

Aquarius is the sign of the genius, where Saturn, the ancient of the heavens, provides the profundity that characterizes him and Uranus, the revolutionary planet casts its rays over the human species.

The Aquarians of a superior type are altruistic, philanthropic, generous, faithful in friendship, sincere; they know how to select their friends by instinct; they know persons by intuition and they always want fraternity, humaneness.

The Aquarian of an inferior type is distrustful by nature, a lover of exaggerated retreats, and his intelligence is only dedicated to things of the physical world, to his problems, his affairs, to everything that is of the senses and which is material.

The Aquarian of a superior type is precise in his affairs, concentrated, profound, persevering, marvelous.

The women of Aquarius are good wives, good mothers, but they like to be out of the house and this bothers the husbands a lot, especially if the latter are Taurines.

-Hermetic Astrology Samael Aun Weor