From the 22 of December to the 19 of January.

Rules: the Knees and the Skin

Metal: Lead.

Stone: Onyx.

Perfume: Pine Extract.

Plant: False Plantain.

Flower: Lotus.

Planet: Saturn.

Color: Black.

Element: Earth.

Key Word: Obstruction.

Day: Saturday.

Ruler: Orifiel.


CAPRICORN: December 22nd to January 19th

The natives of Capricorn are pessimistic and melancholic. The natives of Capricorn have great aptitudes for earning their daily bread. The natives of Capricorn arc hardworking and industrious, and have a high sense of their own moral responsibility. A Judas who betrays them is never lacking in the course of their lives. Every Capricorn has to go through a tragedy in love.., a terrible betrayal of love. 

-Manual Of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor



Beloved Disciple:

Today we have arrived at the constellation of Capricorn in this course.

This constellation is the house of Saturn, the elder of Time. Saturn is the most faraway planet of the Earth’s solar system. The moon is the closest satellite to earth. Mercury follows and then, in order of distance, follows Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, in orderly intervals of distance. 

In Capricorn, we have spoken of the mind, because this sign is the house of Saturn, and in said astro live the green Hierarchies that gave man his mental body. Capricorn is the door of heaven, because it is the house of Saturn. When the soul disembodies, following the “post-mortem” states, it reaches the ultra-

Saturnian sphere, submerges in the infinite and feels the sensation of having the entire infinite within it. This sensation continues until the soul feels bound to a new physical body which allows it to return once more to the painful school of life to continue its ascent through the spiral of life.

Saturn, Lord of death, finds his house in Capricorn. Capricorn influences the knees and the human skeleton. The currents which rise from the earth, on reaching the knees, become charged with the lead of Saturn. Lead gives strength and constancy to those currents. 

The knees possess a marvelous substance which allows them the free movement of such a simple and marvelous osseous gear. “Sinovia” is the substance which means (sin) with, and (ovia) egg; “Substance with egg”. The egg is truly a marvelous substance. Esoteric experiments, highly scientific, in relation with the unfoldment of the human personality, prove that the shell of the egg has certain occult powers which facilitate astral unfoldment (travel). 

The key consists in reducing an eggshell to powder. The disciple will apply these powders over the chest and armpits; he will then lie down on his bed, and cover himself properly with his blankets. The student will then lull himself to sleep, pronouncing the mantram “FARAON”, like this:


This can be pronounced mentally, and when the student feels that he has become numb, he should rise from his bed and head towards the Gnostic Church.

The first syllable “Fa” corresponds to the Chinese Gong, or the musical fa which resounds in the entire creation. We have to pronounce this note to become attuned with mother nature. The second syllable “Ra”, corresponds to a very ancient mantram that vibrates all the chakras of the astral body; this mantram is not pronounced with “r” but with “rr” instead, like this: rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa.

And the last syllable “On” corresponds to the “Hindu” mantram Om, but is here pronounced as: Onnnnnnnnnnnn.

This mantram “FARAON” can be vocalized with the mind or better yet, with the heart.

Therefore, the powerful Egyptian mantram “Faraon” serves to “travel” in the astral body.



The following exercise should be practiced during the sign of Capricorn:

A coffin should be imagined on the floor and the disciple should walk over this imagined coffin but leaving it between his legs, and he will walk with bent knees as if to clear an obstacle, and making the knees spin from left to right, with the intention that they become charged with the lead of Saturn, such as our great guru “Huiracocha” taught us It is also urgent to practice the exercises of internal meditation daily, praying to our “INNER BEING” to transport himself to the sidereal temples to bring before us the principal genii of that constellation, so that they may awaken the chakras and powers of the knees.

The natives of Capricorn are as melancholic as the willow. They have a great sense of their own moral responsibility. They are pessimistic and always have a Judas in their lives.

They are practical and are always very much preoccupied with tomorrow. Their principal worry is about the economic aspect of life. They suffer much in love, and must always pass through a great amorous deception. Their metal is lead. Stone: black onyx. Color: gray and black.

-Zodiacal Course Samael Aun Weor