Dream Yoga and Astral Projection



Awakening in the Internal Worlds, otherwise known as lucid dreaming, astral projection, astral travel, or out-of-body experiences (OBEs), are perceptions of matter and energy that are beyond the reach of the physical senses. Anyone, anywhere, regardless of any distinctions or qualifications, may acquire their own personal knowledge of these living realities, if they are willing to make the effort.

The basis of understanding these experiences is the consciousness. Our consciousness is an energy that has many capabilities we scarcely suspect, much less are able to utilize at will. The original purpose for the emergence of all religion is to guide the individual in the awakening of their consciousness. This is a practical effort and has nothing to do with belief or theories. It is something that one must do from moment to moment. By returning to this root purpose and discovering the practical tools that aid in this effort, anyone, from any religion or background, can discover how to awaken their own consciousness and thus see for themselves the many worlds that exist beyond the physical one. Such experiences come naturally as one frees the consciousness from its cages, and awakens it to perceive clearly, without filters or suppositions. This is because the very nature of the consciousness is perception. Unfortunately, we have imprisoned our consciousness in a cage of delusion.

There are many techniques that aid in the awakening of the consciousness and its eventual freedom from the cage. These techniques follow a very strict series of steps that always begin right now, by making the effort to awaken the consciousness from moment to moment. This effort is called Mindfulness, Watchfulness, Awareness, Self-observation, and by many other names. Without this effort, success in awakening in other worlds is impossible. One must first awaken here and now, in the physical world, before one can awaken in the internal worlds.

When the consciousness is awakening, then it can be activated when it is outside of the physical body, either provoked by will (such as in meditation), when the physical body sleeps, and even after death.
Dream Yoga

The effort to awaken the consciousness in the dream state is called Dream Yoga. This term is most known from the tradition of Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa, although the tradition of Niguma also includes Dream Yoga. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word "yug," which means to "reunite" or "yoke together." This is the same as the root of our word religion, the Latin word "religare,"which means "to bind together." What is sought in both cases is the union of our consciousness with its source, but this can only happen when our consciousness is awakened and purified of all that is unclean.

The yogic tradition of Tilopa has been maintained in Tibetan Buddhism for hundreds of years. It is a series of teachings of which dream yoga is a vital part. It has been practiced and taught by all the Dalai Lamas, and such great initiates as Tsongkhapa and Milarepa.

The basic goal of Dream Yoga is to harness the power of the dream state and use it to awaken the consciousness. You can learn more about this by reading scriptures from the tradition.
Astral Projection

Quite simply, this term refers to how our consciousness departs from the physical body. Everytime our physical body sleep, the consciousness departs from it, and experiences what we call "dreams." This is a form of astral projection, but in most cases the consciousness is asleep, unaware that it is away from the physical body. While dreaming, we generally do not realize it. And when we return to the body, the memory of the dream is generally lost, or if recalled, appears hazy and unreal. This is all due to the weak state of our consciousness.

It is possible to consciously project oneself out of the body. By means of constant training from moment to moment, the consciousness can be strengthened to be be awake, aware, and sharp; thus, when it leaves the physical body, we remain aware of ourselves, and conscious of what transpires. From this state, one can investigate any phenomena in nature or oneself.

Eventually, by awakening consciousness and transforming our experience of life from moment to moment, dreaming ceases. Then, we have arrived at the goal: an awakened consciousness that perceives all phenomena as they truly are.

"True illuminates have no dreams. Dreams are for those who are asleep. True illuminates live in the higher worlds, out of the physical body, in a state of intensified wakefulness without ever dreaming." - Samael Aun Weor, Mental Representations
-Gnostic Teachings





What is an Astral Projection?


1. What is an Astral Projection?
Samael Aun Weor: Do you really not know what an Astral Projection is? Young lady, I understand very well that your question is sincere. Listen: Astral Projection is an extremely simple and easy natural phenomenon like eating and drinking, etc. It is clear that when the physical body enters into sleep, the soul leaves it and travels everywhere. When returning, when re-entering into its body
again, the soul then often remembers the places where it was, the people with whom it spoke, etc.; usually people describe this phenomenon as dreams, yet indeed this is an astral projection.

2. Can this phenomenon be performed only in dreams or can it also be done by will?
Samael Aun Weor: In either case, the slumber state is necessary in order for one to be able to astral project, even by will.

3. Is Astral Projection dangerous?
Samael Aun Weor: It seems to me that to become cognizant of one’s own natural phenomena can never be dangerous. One must become cognizant of the food that one eats, of what one drinks, of the state of one’s health, and also of the process of astral rojection that occurs in any living creature.

4. Please explain to me the technique to astral project. I would like to go to Paris by will.
Samael Aun Weor: What you always perform in an involuntary and unconscious manner, learn to do in a voluntary and conscious manner. You have always astral projected yourself, since all souls leave the body—unfortunately in an unconscious manner—at the moment when one is dozing; so, perform the same thing, but in a voluntary and conscious manner. I repeat: when you began to feel
that state of lassitude related to slumber, when you begin to doze, then imagine yourself to be like a subtle and vaporous ghost; think that you are going to leave your body; understand that you are not the body; understand that you are a soul; thus, feel yourself as being soul and then with smoothness and delicacy—as the souls rise—get up from your bed. What I am explaining to you must be performed in a concrete manner; this is not to a matter of thinking, but of actions! Then as soon you get up, perform a small jump within your bedroom with the firm intention of floating in the environment; thus, it is clear that if you float, it is because you are already outside your physical body; then you can leave your bedroom and float in the atmosphere; then you can go to Paris, London, or wherever pleases you. However, if you do not float it is because you just got up from your bed with your physical body; if
this happens, then go back again to your bed and repeat the experiment.

5. When floating, does the physical body remain in the bed?
Samael Aun Weor: I want you to understand me; listen: it is clear that if you float in the surrounding environment it is because you are outside of your physical body. In this concrete case you must understand that your body has been left in bed and that you as soul are outside the body and far from the bed.

6. When one floats one must think that one travels to a certain place?
Samael Aun Weor: I want you to understand that this is not a matter of thinking, but of doing, which is different. For example, I see you seated on that chair; thus, if you think that you are going to get up from that chair and go to the street, however, you do not act, it is clear that you will remain seated there on that chair; so, action is what is needed: do you understand me?

7. This is what I like about Gnosis: here, everything that I do not understand is clearly explained to me.
Samael Aun Weor: Of course; we like exactness, precision in everything.

8. Can you narrate for us a concrete case of astral projection by will?
Samael Aun Weor: With great pleasure, distinguished young lady, I will narrate for you a personal case. I want to narrate for you my first astral projection. I was still very young when I resolved to astral project myself by will. I clearly remember that I put much attention to my slumber process, thus, when I felt myself dozing in that state of transition that exists between vigil and dream, I acted
intelligently. I did not situate myself to think that I was going to be astral projected, because it is obvious that if I had been thinking about it I would not have performed the longed-for experiment. I repeat: I acted; I got up with great smoothness from my own bed, and when doing so a very natural separation between the soul and the body took place; the soul remained outside and the body remained sleeping in the bed. I went out of my house in a spontaneous and clear manner and then walked down a solitary street. I
stopped on the next corner of the street; for few moments I reflected about where I should go; then I resolved to go to Europe.
It is obvious that I had to soar over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean; thus, floating wonderfully in the luminous space, I was filled with a happiness that is inconceivable for human beings, and finally I arrived at the city of Paris. Thus, walking—or better said, floating in that luminous atmosphere—I instinctively felt the necessity of entering into a house. I do not regret having entered into that house because within that mansion I encountered an initiate I had known in old reincarnations. He was also outside his body; certainly I ascertained that his body was sleeping in the bed, and next to him I saw a woman and two children who also slept with him; I understood that these were his wife and children. I affectionately greeted my friend and the soul of his wife, who was also outside her body; it is not irrelevant to also state that as the children were also sleeping, their souls were outside their bodies.
Those infantile souls began to be scared by my unusual presence; I then understood the necessity to withdraw in order to avoid the return of such frightened souls to their respective bodies; it is unquestionable that if this had happened, the children would have cried in bed and the weeping would have woken my friend and his wife; then the dialogue would have been suspended, since the
soul of my friend as well as his wife would had been forced to penetrate in their respective bodies of bone and flesh. Indeed, I understood all of this in thousandths of a second; thus, in order to avoid this problem, I proposed that my friend leave the house and go with me around the streets of Paris; my joy was great when he accepted. Thus, together we went through the streets of that great city; I even advised him to return to the path, to enter the path of the Light; I also proposed that we visit a wonderful temple that exists in Germany, but regrettably, my friend declined the invitation stating that he could not because he had concentrated his attention on the problems of practical life, since he had a spouse and children, etc. I then said farewell to that Initiate and—soaring in the atmosphere—I passed over great walls and then soared over a highway, by a serpentine way full of curves, until I arrived at a wonderful temple. In front of that sanctuary I saw many souls of different nationalities, people who during the hours of their sleep escaped from their dense body in order to arrive there. So, all those people united in different groups were conversing amongst themselves; they spoke of the cosmos, of the laws, of reincarnations and Karma, the mysteries of life and death, etc.
I looked for a friend who was skillful in astral projection but I did not find him. I then approached the threshold of the temple and saw an exquisite garden with delicious flowers that exhaled an inebriating perfume; at its depth, the silhouette of a splendid temple illuminated by the splendors of the stars stood out; I wanted to enter, but the guardian intervened and told me, “This is the temple of wisdom; withdraw, it is not time yet.” Thus, obeying his orders, I withdrew to a certain distance without moving too much away from the threshold. Then I examined myself; I observed my spiritual hands and feet and even had the luxury of comparing them with the hands and feet of my body of bones and flesh that I had left there in Latin America, the sacred land of the Aztecs, sleeping in the bed. It is evident that the outcome of such comparisons originated the instantaneous return into my material physical vehicle that slept deeply, snoring in the bed; then I, astounded, woke up saying, “I was in the temple of the wisdom; what happiness, what joy.”
Even today, I cannot forget the immaculate white light that was shining in that sanctuary; indeed, such a light did not seem to come from any physical lamp, since it projected itself from all parts and it did not make any type of shade.

9. Is it possible for one to travel to a place without already knowing that place?
Samael Aun Weor: I went to such a divine temple and nevertheless, I did not know that place; I could say that a “superior telepathic sense”—or it is better to state to you, that my own Spirit guided me there.

10. When one does the astral projection voluntarily can one remember where one went upon waking?
Samael Aun Weor: It is clear that if you do not remember, it is because you did not astral project by will; it seems impossible to me that a person who astral projects voluntarily—who leaves the body consciously, intentionally—will be unable to remember what he/she saw outside their body. For example, when you leave your house to go to the office and soon return from the office to your
house, do you remember what you saw in the office, the work that you did, and the commands of your boss?

11. Yes, when I return to my house I remember everything that I did in the office.
Samael Aun Weor: So then this case is similar, young lady. Remember that your physical body is a house of bones and flesh; thus, if you voluntarily leave that house you will then see many things, and if you voluntarily return, it is also obvious that you will remember everything that you saw and heard.

-Beyond Death, Samael Aun Weor







Gnosis teaches that the modern, decadent psychology of the Western Hemisphere is ignorant of the various kinds of dreams that exist. Dreams have a diverse and specific quality, for they are closely related to each of the psychic centres of the human body.
In fact, we do not exaggerate when we state that most dreams are linked to the motor-instinctive centre. That is, they are the echoes of everything we see during the day: simple sensations and motions — a mere astral repetition of our daily life. Some experiences of an emotional type such as fear — which harms humanity so much — usually fit in those chaotic dreams of the motor-instinctive centres as well There are then, emotional, sexual intellectual, motor and instinctive dreams

The more important dreams, the inner experiences of the Being, are associated with the two centres the Superior Emotional and the Superior Intellectual Dreams related to the two superior centres are certainly interesting. Their main feature is what we could call a dramatic array. Now then, if we think of the Ray of Creation, and the Superior and Inferior centres, and the influences descending throughout the cited cosmic ray, we must admit that some luminous vibrations appear. These intend to heal us, to inform us about the state in which we are, and more. It becomes useful to receive messages, and to be in contact with the Aztec, Mayan, Toltec, Egyptian, and Greek adepts. It is marvelous, as well, to have intimate dialogue with the highest, diverse parts of our Being. The superior centres are fully developed in us, and they send us messages, which we must learn to consciously grasp.In this chapter, those select people who have had a moment of self remembrance (in which they saw a common thing or person in a totally different way) will not be surprised, if I tell them that such moments have the same quality as one of those rare and strange dreams related to the two Superior Emotional and Intellectual centres.

The meaning of such transcendental dreams matches — undoubtedly — the same level of the realization in oneself, of the Ray of Creation, and, in particular, the lateral Octave of the Sun [sic] The beginning of our realisation of the deep significance of this specific type of dream, is the signal that some forces struggle to awaken, heal or cure us. Each of us is a mathematical point in space that is used as a vehicle by determined sums of “values” (black or white). Death is a subtraction of fractions. Once the mathematical operation is completed, the only thing left is the “values” (good or bad). In accordance with the Law of the Eternal Return, it is certain that the “values” return, they are re-embodied. If a man starts taking into account more consciously, the small cycle of recurring events of his personal life, he will be able to verify directly, throughout mystical experience, that, in daily sleep, the same mathematical operation of death is always repeated. In the absence of the physical body, during normal sleep, the “values” merge into the astral light, attract or repel each other in accordance with the Law of Universal Magnetisation. The return to the vigil state rightfully implies the return of the “values” to the interior of the physical body. Extraordinarily, people think that they only interrelate with the external world.

Gnosis teaches us that we interrelate with an inner world, which is invisible to the physical, ordinary senses, but visible to clairvoyance. This inner, invisible world is much wider, and it contains many more interesting things than the external world, to where the five windows of the senses are always opened. Many dreams relate to the place where we are, in the inner, invisible world from which the diverse circumstances of life come forth. The language of dreams is accurately comparable to the language of parables. Those who interpret everything literally, think that the sower of the Christic Gospel went to sow, and that the seeds fell on rocks, and so on, but they do not understand the sense of the parable, because it belongs to the symbolic language of the Superior Emotional centre.

Needless to say here, that any dream as absurd or incoherent as it may be, has some significance, for it indicates not only the psychic centre to which it is associated, but also the psychological status of such a centre. Many penitent people, who presumed to be chaste, failed in the sexual centre, and had a nocturnal pollution when they were submitted to trials in the internal world. In the perfect adept, the five psychic centres, intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive, and sexual, function in full harmony with the infinite.

What is our mental activity during sleep? What emotions move or shatter us? What are our activities outside the physical body’? What instinctive sensations predominate? Have we Considered our sexual states during sleep?We must be sincere with ourselves. Plato rightfully said: “Man is known by his dreams.” The matter of the erroneous work of the centres is a topic that demands a lifetime of study by way of the observation of oneself in action and of the rigorous examination of dreams. It is not possible to achieve the understanding of the centres, and their correct or incorrect function, in an instant. We need infinite patience. All of life unfolds as a function of the centres, and is controlled by them.

Our thoughts, ideas, feelings, hopes, fears, love, hatred, deeds, sensations, pleasure, satisfactions, frustrations, and so on, are found in the centres. The discovery of some inhuman element in any of the centres must be the strongest motive for the Esoteric Work. Any psychological defect must be previously understood by way of the technique of meditation, before proceeding to its elimination. The extirpation, eradication or elimination of any undesirable element, is only possible by invoking Tonantzin’s (Divine Mother Kundalini) aid, a variation of our own being, or particular fohat of each of us. This is how we die from moment to moment. Only death brings forth what is new. Influences of all kinds reach us, in the levels of beings and things. If we have understood the Ray of Creation, we will also acknowledge that, in any instant of life, influences, which are of various qualities, reach us. We must always be aware that there are superior influences that act upon us and are recorded by our psychic system. If we are, nevertheless, attached to our senses, and we do not pay full attention to our inner life, we will not be able to perceive these influences.
- The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac, Samael Aun Weor





Dream Yoga Discipline

Those candidates who sincerely long for a mystical, direct experience must unquestionably begin with “Dream Yoga” discipline.
The Gnostic must be very demanding with himself, and learn to create favorable conditions to remember and understand all those inner experiences that always occur during sleep.

Before retiring to your bed at the end of your daily routine, it is advisable to pay attention to the state you are in. Devotees whose circumstances make them lead a sedentary life will gain a lot if, before going to bed, they have a short, but very lively walk outdoors. A walk will relax the muscles. I must clarify, however, that we must never abuse physical exercises; we need to live in harmony.

Supper, or the final meal of the day, must be light and free of heavy or stimulating foods. Foods that keep us awake or alter our sleep should be avoided.

The highest way of thinking is not thinking. When the mind is quiet and silent — free of daily routine and mundane anxiety — it is then in a state that is one hundred percent favorable for the Dream Yoga practice. When the Superior Emotional centre is actually working, the thinking process stops, at least for a brief moment. Evidently, the cited centre is activated with Dionysian intoxication. Such rapture is possible when listening with infinite devotion to the delightful symphonies of Wagner, Mozart, Chopin, and others. Beethoven’s music is especially extraordinary because it makes the Superior Emotional centre vibrate intensely. The sincere Gnostic finds in it a vast field for mystical exploration, for it is not music of the form, but of archetypal, ineffable ideas. Every note has a meaning; every pause is a superior emotion.

Beethoven — when feeling the cruel rigors and trials of the “spiritual night” — instead of failing, as many candidates did, opened the eyes of his intuition to the mysterious supernatural, the spiritual side of Nature, to that region where angelic kings of these universal creations (Tlaloc, Ehecatl, Huehueteotl, etc.) live. Observe the musician-philosopher all along his exemplary existence. On top of his table, he always had in plain view, his Divine Mother Kundalini, the ineffable Neith, Anahuac’s Tonantzin, or the supreme Egyptian Isis. It is said that the great master had an inscription at the base of that adorable sculpture, written with his own hand, that mysteriously asserted: “I am she who has been, is and will be; no mortal has lifted my veil.”

The revolutionary and inner progress becomes impossible without the immediate aid of our Divine Mother Tonantzin.
Grateful children must love their mothers; Beethoven loved his greatly. Outside the physical body, during the hours of sleep, the soul can talk to her Divine Mother. We must, however, begin with Dream Yoga Discipline.

We need to take care of the bedroom where we sleep; it must be pleasantly decorated. The colours best suited for the goal we seek — in spite of what other authors recommend— are precisely the three primary hues: blue, yellow and red. The three basic colours constantly correspond to the three primary forces of Nature: the Holy Triamazikano — Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation and Holy Conciliation. Let us remember that the three original forces of this great creation always crystallise in the positive, negative and neutral forms. The causa causans of the Holy Triamazikano is found hidden in the active element Okidanokh. The latter, in and of itself, is only the emanation of the Sacred Solar Absolute. Obviously, if we reject the three fundamental colours — having given the above explanations — we become, by simple logical deduction, foolish. Dream Yoga is extraordinary, marvellous, and formidable. It is, however, very demanding.

The bedroom has to be perfumed and ventilated, but not pervaded with the cold night temperature.

After undergoing detailed and careful preparation of himself for bed, and of the room where he will sleep, a Gnostic must take care of his bed. If we observe any compass, we can see that the needle always points to the north. It is then possible to consciously take advantage of the planet’s magnetic current, which always flows from south to north. A bed should be placed in such a way that the head is facing north. In this way, we can intelligently use the magnetic current indicated by the needle. The mattress should be neither too hard nor too soft. This means that its texture must in no way affect the psychic processes of the sleeping person. Squeaking bedsprings or a base that cracks with every small movement of the body, are serious obstacles for these practices.

A pad or notebook and a pencil should be placed under the pillow so that they can easily be found, even in the dark.

Bedclothes must be fresh and clean; the pillowcase must be scented with our favorite perfume. After having met these requirements, the ascetic Gnostic will be ready for the second stage of this esoteric discipline.

He will get into bed, and having turned off all the lights, will lay on his back with his eyes closed and place both hands on his solar plexus.

He will be totally quiet for some time, and, once he is completely relaxed, physically as well as mentally, he will concentrate on Morpheus, the god of sleep. Unquestionably, each part of our Real Being has specific tasks. It is precisely Morpheus (do not confuse with Orpheus) who is in charge of training us in the mysteries of sleep. It is impossible to trace a layout of our Being. Nevertheless, all the spiritual, isolated parts of the Being want to achieve absolute perfection in their tasks. Morpheus enjoys this unique opportunity with which we provide him when we concentrate on him. We must know how to supplicate and have faith. We have to ask Morpheus to teach us and to awaken us in the supra sensitive worlds.

By this time, the esotericist Gnostic feels a very special somnolence, and he then adopts the “lion posture.” Lying on his right side, with his head pointing north, he moves his legs slowly so that his knees are bent. In this posture, the left leg rests on top of the right one. He then places his right cheek on his right palm, and lets his left arm rest on the left leg.

When one wakes up, one does not have to move, because any movement shakes up our “values,” and then the memory [of our dreams] is lost. A retrospective exercise is needed in those moments when we want to remember our dreams. The Gnostic has to take notes — carefully — of the details of the dream or dreams in the notebook or pad, which he placed of the dream or dreams in the notebook or pad, which he placed under his pillow. In this way, he will be able to have a detailed record of his inner progress in “Dream Yoga.” Even if there are only vague fragments of the dream or dreams in our memory, these must be thoroughly recorded. When nothing is left in the memory, the retrospective exercise must be based on the first thought we had at the moment we awakened. That thought, obviously, relates to the last dream. We must point out that the retrospective exercise should start before completely coming back to the vigil state, when we are still drowsy, to try to follow the dream sequence. The practice of that exercise always starts with the last image that we had moments before coming back to the vigil state. We will terminate this chapter with the serious statement that it is not possible to go beyond this stage of the Dream Yoga discipline unless we have obtained the perfect memory of our dream experiences.
- The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac, Samael Aun Weor



Tantric Dream

We should review our pad or notebook every month in order to verify the gradual progression of our dream memory.
Any possibility of forgetting a dream must be eliminated. We cannot continue further with practices unless we have achieved perfect memory. Of particular interest are those dreams which seem to come from past centuries, or that unfold in environments totally unrelated to the vigil existence of the dreamer. One must be in a “watchful perceptive” or “alert anew” state, and pay attention to the
study of details which include specific matters, conversations, meetings, temples, or unusual activities which relate to other people.

Once the total development of the dream memory is achieved, and any possibility of lack of memory is eliminated, the symbolism process will open the way to revelation. We must seek the basic science of interpretation of dreams in the Law of Philosophical Analogies, the Law of the Opposite Analogies and the Law of Correspondence and Numerology. The astral images reflected in the magical mirror of imagination can never be translated literally, for these are only the symbolic representation of archetypal ideas. They must be utilized in the same way as a mathematician uses algebraic symbols. Furthermore, we can say that such ideas come down from the Pure World of the Spirit. The archetypal ideas descending from the Being become marvelous, for they inform us either about the psychological status of any centre of the [human] machine, about esoteric or intimate matters, or about possible successes or dangers, etc. These are always wrapped in the marvelous cover of symbolism. It is possible to unveil any of the astral symbols, scenes, or figures — with the goal of taking out their essential ideas — only by means of the correlative and logical meditation of the Being. On reaching this stage of Dream Yoga discipline, it is indispensable to approach the Tantric aspect of the matter. Ancient wisdom teaches that Tonantzin, (Devi Kundalini) our Divine Cosmic individual Mother (each of us has our own), can take any form, for She is the origin of all forms. Therefore, the Gnostic should meditate upon Her before falling asleep.The candidate will start — daily — his dreaming process by repeating, with great faith, the following prayer: “Tonantzin, Teteoinan, O! My Mother, come to me, come to me!” According to Tantric science, if the Gnostic persists with this practice, sooner or later an Initiator Element will come forth from the changing and formless expressions of his dreams. As long as this Initiator has not been totally identified, it is indispensable to continue recording dreams on the pad or notebook. The study and profound analysis of every recorded dream becomes indispensable in Tantric Dream esoteric discipline. This didactic progression will lead us to the discovery of the Initiator or Unifier Element of dreams. The sincere Gnostic who reaches this stage of Tantric discipline is, for this reason, ready for the next step, which will be the topic of our next chapter.

-The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac, Samael Aun Weor


The Return Practice

When the beginner has successfully performed all Gnostic exercises related to Tantric Dream, he is ostensibly ready for the “Return Practice.” In the previous chapter, we mentioned the Initiator Element that comes forth as if by magic from within the changing and formless expressions of dreams. Some people, who are highly psychic, refined or susceptible to impressions, have always possessed in themselves the Initiator Element. These people are characterised by the continuous repetition of the same dream. These psychics re-live periodically various scenes, or see in their dream experiences — constantly a creature or a symbol....

Every time the candidate wakes up from ordinary sleep, and remembers the Initiator Element, (be it a symbol, a sound, a colour, a person, etc.) he keeps his eyes closed, and goes on with the visualisation of that familiar image. He will then try to go back to sleep to continue the same dream. In other words, the aspirant tries to be conscious of his own dream; that is why he intentionally goes on with it, but carries it to the vigil state, in full lucidity and self control. Hence, he becomes a spectator and actor of a dream with the advantage — certainly not insignificant — of being able to abandon the scene at will in order to move freely in the Astral World.

Then the aspirant, free of the limitations of the flesh, outside the physical body, will have discarded his old familiar environment and penetrated a universe ruled by different laws. The discipline of the dream state of Tantric Buddhists methodically leads us to the
awakening of our Consciousness. Gnostics can awaken to the real state of Illumination only through the understanding and
elimination of dreams. Sacred scriptures from Hindustan solemnly assert that the whole world is Brahma’s dream. Having this Hindu postulate as a base, let us emphasise that “when Brahma awakens, his dream ends.” As long as the aspirant does not achieve the radical dissolution, not only of dreams, but of their psychological generators as well, the absolute awakening is impossible.

The definite awakening of the Consciousness is possible only by means of a radical transformation. The four Christic gospels insist in the necessity of awakening. Unfortunately, people are still sleeping. Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ, was certainly a Man who was one hundred per cent awakened. The multiplicity of his attributes points to us precisely the antiquity of his cult, and the profound veneration he received in Mesoamerica. The holy gods of Anahuac are Perfect Men in the strictest sense of the word. They are absolutely awakened. Those beings eradicated even the possibility of dreams from their psyche. Tlaloc, “he who makes sprouting,” the god of the rain and lightning, being a god, is also an awakened man who had to eliminate from his psyche, not only his dreams, but also all possibilities of dreaming. He is the principal sacred individual of the ancient Olmec culture. He is always depicted with the Tiger-Serpent’s mask in colossal axes and various jade figures. Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli, beings of the fire, living representations of night and day, are also awakened men — beings who went beyond their dreams. Outside his physical body, an awakened individual can invoke the holy gods of the Aztecs, Mayans, Zapotecs, Toltecs, and others. The gods of the Borgia, Borbon, and other codices come to help those who awaken. By means of the help of the holy gods, the awakened person can study the secret doctrine of Anahuac in the Astral Light.
-The Secret Doctrine Of Anahuac, Samael Aun Weor





Dream Yoga and Astral Projection