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Learning to Meditate (Western English)

The Impact of Impressions (Western English)


The World of Mind (Western English)


The Buddhist Annihilation (Western English)


Knowing Astral Travel (Western English)


The Dream in the Tantric Yoga (Western English)


The Psyche and the Dreams (Western English)


Study of the Human Organism (Western English)


Study of the Occult Anatomy of Man (Western English)


The Path that gives Meaning to our Lives (Western English)


The Man and his Roots (Western English)

Liberation of Consciousness (Western English)


The Science of the Sephiroth (Western English)


Gnostic Egypt


Revelations about the Trips of Soul (Western English)


Phenomena after Death (Western English)



Differences between Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation (Western English)


The Great Law (Western English)



Four Dimensional Space (Western English)




Dalai Lama-Mahayana and Tantrayana, The True Teachings of Buddha


Transcendental Powers of Sexual Energy (Eastern English)