This is what is called the Viparitha Karana Mudra in the Orient. All the blood then flows towards the head, it is precipitated towards the cranium to set determined areas of the cerebrum to work and to fortify the senses, to fortify the eyesight. It is necessary to havegood eyesight, a good sense of smell, touch, hearing and taste, etc. These exercises are also effective to awaken the chakras.

                                 (Figure 3 – “The Viparitha Karana Mudra”)


  • Now raise your legs until they are in a vertical position (See Figure 3).
  • With your hands, help sustain the legs by holding them at the back of your knees.
  • Make sure your legs are as vertical as possible without raising your buttocks from the floor .
  • Your waist should be well placed on the floor, touching the floor.
  • Remain in that posture for some time.
  • Intensify your concentration and meditation on the Divine Mother Kundalini.
  • Begging her, supplicating her to help us to obtain the benefit we need, the cure, the faculty, the disintegration of the defect, etc., with the help of her divine spouse.
  • Identified with the third Logos Ask her to intercede for you before the Logos.
  • Ask her to summon the Holy Spirit, the Logos, imploring, begging him to cure you or for the benefit you have asked for.
  • To heal the sick organ, open it by telling it: OPEN SESAME! OPEN SESAME! OPEN SESAME!
  • Visualize that the healing vital energy enters you, then enters the force of the Holy Spirit healing and curing you, but one has to do it with much faith, and faith and faith.
  • One has to talk to the organ with true faith, with energy, with courage, since it has to be healed perforce.
  • In a tremendous, imperious form, command the sick organ saying: BE HEALED! BE HEALED! BE HEALED! WORK! WORK! WORK!
  • One has to definitely concentrate on each cell of the sick organ, on each atom, on each molecule, on each electron of the sick organ, ordering it to work, to be healed, that it be cured.
  • Remain in that posture for some time then enter into position of Pranayama.