The Exercises of Lamasery

“The system that I am teaching you is marvelous, because it permits the development of the chakras and the curing of illnesses. All the other exercises complement each other. These exercises are not merely physical, but they are six methods of prayer. It is a different system of healing and rejuvenation through prayer.”

“One has to become accustomed to these exercises with much patience, slowly, until the day arrives when one can do them easily. They are not meant to be done all at once, no; we must slowly condition the organism, and little by little one does the exercise better until it is done correctly.”

- The Exercises of Lamasery, Samael Aun Weor 



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The Mantra "Open Sesame" commands the organ so that the healing vital energy enters you, then enters the force of the Holy Spirit and it is clear that it is healed with the force of the Third logos, but one has to do it with much faith, and faith and faith.



                                        (Figure 0 - Prayer Position)

  • Before Starting we must enter into prayer in the prayer position.
  • We must face East.
  • Lower your head and cross your arms on your chest.
  • Ask for the presence of your Divine Mother and Father and ask for assistance in these exercises.


                                 (Figure 1 – “The Whirling Dervishes”)


  • The student stands up feet together in military style.
  • Arms extended firm from side to side in the form of a cross (See Figure 1).
  • We will turn around in the same direction of the hands of the clock from left to right as if you are standing in the center of a clock and this will allow the chakras to rotate positively.
  • It will be done with eyes open when finished turning, close your eyes so as not to fall.
  • Begin turning 6 turns slowly or at the rhythm you consider convenient then stop and remain in position.
  • Concentrate on your Divine Mother Kundalini.
  • Intensely praying, pleading, begging, and imploring you Divine Mother for what you most desire, above all the cure of the particular organ in you that may be sick.
  • Ask her to plead and beg her divine husband to grant the cure.
  • Identified with the Logos and intensely asking the Divine Mother so that she may intercede for you before the Logos.
  • Ask her to summon the Holy Spirit, imploring him to cure you, begging the Logos to heal you.
  • Open that sick organ telling it: OPEN SESAME! OPEN SESAME! OPEN SESAME!
  • Visualize that the healing vital energy enters you, then enters the force of the Holy Spirit healing and curing you.
  • One has to talk to the organ with true faith, with energy, with courage, since it has to be healed perforce.
  • In a tremendous, imperious form, command the sick organ saying: BE HEALED! BE HEALED! BE HEALED! WORK! WORK! WORK!
  • One has to definitely concentrate on each cell of the sick organ, on each atom, on each molecule, on each electron of the sick organ, ordering it to work, to be healed, that it be cured.
  • Begin turning 6 more times to complete a total of 12 slowly or at the rhythm you consider convenient.
  • The student will remain his or her eyes closed until the dizziness has disappeared.
  • Ending the exercise in the prayer position with your head lowered and arms crossed over the chest (see figure 0)
  • Here, we pray to the Divine Mother so that she may activate all the chakras. These vortices of strength should whirl intensively so life, prana, and health enters the human body.