Observe very carefully the two diagrams of the Rune Os. In the same way that the Rune FA has its two arms upwards, the Rune Olin has them downwards, and this is profoundly significant.

During these esoteric practices, there is the need to successively alternate movements by placing the arms in the first position (downwards), then, in the second position (placing the arms on our waist as in the Rune Dorn or Thorn). I repeat, examine very carefully the two diagrams of the Rune Os.

During these Runic practices, you must combine the movement with harmonious and rhythmic breathing. Inhale the Prana through the nose, and exhale it through the mouth along with the mystic sound TTOOOORRRRRNNN, prolonging the pronunciation of each letter.

When inhaling, imagine the sexual forces rising, ascending from the sexual glands throughout the pair of sympathetic nervous cords, which are known in India by the names of Ida and Pingala.

These nerves or tubes reach the brain, then after they continue through other nerves towards the heart. These nerves are other channels, the Amrita Nadi is one among them.

When exhaling, imagine the sexual energies entering the heart, and even penetrating more deeply, reaching to the consciousness in order to awaken it. Strike the consciousness with force, with THELEMA (Will-Power), thus combining the Runes Thorn and movement.

Afterwards, pray and meditate. Beseech the Father who is in secret, ask Him to awaken your consciousness.

Beseech your Divine Mother Kundalini, beg Her with infinite love to raise, to make the sexual energies reach the heart and even further, to the very profound bottom of your consciousness.

You must love and pray, meditate and supplicate. Build faith even the size of a grain of mustard seed and you will be able to say unto a mountain, “remove hence to a distant place”, and it shall remove. Remember that doubt is the beginning of ignorance.

“Ask and it shall be given you, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

Samael Aun Weor
Esoteric Treaty of Runic Magic, Chapter 28


NOTE: Gnostic tradition adds for the better comprehension of this Rune, that the legs will be opened, arms will be placed forward with hands at the height of the waist and palms facing downward; one will inhale through the nose and at exhaling one pronounces the mantra TORN, in the way that when one is pronouncing “R”, one will start to draw back the arms and when the hands touch the waist, one will finish with “N”.