Loving our Divine Mother and thinking in that great womb where the worlds are gestated, let us pray daily as follows:

Within my internal real Being resides the Divine Light, RAAAAAMMMMM  IIIIIIIIOOOOOOO  is the Mother of my Being, Devi Kundalini, RAAAAMMMM  IIIIIIIOOOOOO, help me… RAAAAAAMMMMMM  IIIIIIIIIOOOOO assist me, illuminate me.

RAAAAAAMMMMM  IIIIIIIIIOOOOOOO, Divine Mother of mine, Isis of mine, Thou hast the child Horus, my true Being, in thy arms. I need to die within my self so that my

Essence might be lost in Him…Him. ..Him…


This prayer must be performed before the sun, with raised arms and hands. The legs must be opened, and the body slightly crouched, thus awaiting to receive Light and more Light.

Samael Aun Weor
Esoteric Treaty of Runic Magic, Chapter 22


NOTE: We warn that in this Rune, the body must form an inverted letter “U”: legs opened, body inclined to 90 degrees, arms extended downwards and palms of hands raised in the way that they face the floor.