The sacred Swastika is then the hammer that produces the tempests which the Ases or heavenly Lords use. It’s rectangular, elbowed arms in the Macrocosms, clearly express without the least bit of doubt the incessant evolutions and devolutions of the seven cosmoses.

The Swastika in the Microcosms, represents the human being with his right arm aiming towards heaven and the left arm aiming towards the earth.

The Swastika is an alchemical, cosmogonical and anthropological sign with seven distinct interpretative clues. In short, it is (as a symbol of transcendental electricity) the Alpha and the Omega of the universal sexual force, from the Spirit to the matter. Therefore, whosoever achieves the grasping of all of its mystical significance remains free from MAYA (illusion).

Without any doubt, the Swastika is the electrical windmill of physicists. All of the mysteries of the Lingam-Yoni are enclosed within it.

The Swastika in itself is the Cross in movement (the Rune Gebo in movement), that is to say, Sex Yoga, Maithuna, Sexual Magic.


When tracing the sacred sign of the Swastika with the thumb, middle and index fingers, we can defend ourselves from the tenebrous potencies. The columns of demons flee before the Swastika.

Samael Aun Weor
Esoteric Treaty of Runic Magic, Chapter 43