The practices of the Rune Not take us to the performing of Pranayama, that is to say, to the wise and intelligent combination of solar and lunar atoms.

You must profoundly inhale the vital air, the Prana, the life, through the right nostril, and exhale it through the left nostril while mentally counting up to twelve. Then after, inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right one, and vice versa. Continue with this exercise for ten minutes. In this practice, you must control your nostrils with your index finger and your thumb.

Afterwards, the Gnostic student must sit down or lay down in dorsal decubitus (on his back, facing upwards). With his body relaxed, he must concentrate and try to remember his past lives.

In the case of requiring the assistance of Anubis, if you urgently need to negotiate with him, then, you must open your arms to the sides. While in this position, you must form the Rune by placing one arm at an angle of 135 degrees and the other arm at an angle of only 45 degrees.

Then, the arm which is forming the angle of 45 degrees will move in order to form an angle of 135 degrees, and the other arm will move to form the angle of 45 degrees.

During this exercise, you must chant the Mantras, NA, NE, NI, NO, NU, while having your mind concentrated on Anubis, the Chief of Karma. In this manner, beseech him for the negotiation you wish, and ask him for the help urgently needed.

You must observe well the form of the Rune Not, imitating with your arms this sign. The right and left arms must alternate in their movements.

Samael Aun Weor
Esoteric Treaty of Runic Magic, Chapter 40


NOTE: Samael Aun Weor indicated that for a better efficiency of this rune, the devotee should  facie the East, on his knees, and with a candle lit in front of him.