(Figure 7)


  • Sit on the floor with your feet stretched.
  • Your hands placed backwards on the floor.
  • The trunk of the body somewhat inclined backwards resting on your hands.
  • Your head looking forward.
  • Heels together and your feet opened like a fan (See Figure 7).
  • Here, you once again make your petition, the supplication with much faith and devotion to the Divine Mother.
  • Begging her, supplicating her to help us to obtain the benefit we need, the cure, the faculty, the disintegration of the defect, etc., with the help of her divine spouse.
  • Identified with the third Logos Ask her to intercede for you before the Logos.
  • Ask her to summon the Holy Spirit, the Logos, imploring, begging him to cure you or for the benefit you have asked for.