This exercise is done specially to carry out a great work that can only be executed by the Most Sacred Holy Spirit, within our organism. This is a task that only the Third Logos can do. In our brain we have a Moon which makes us the most lunar beings of the world; our actions are negative and lunar, because the Moon is in our cerebrum. On the other hand, we have a marvelous Sun in the umbilical region. Ever since we came out of paradise, that luminous cerebral Sun was transported to the umbilicus and the cold Moon went to the cerebrum. Keep this aspect in mind, while lying in this position.


(Figure 12 - “Viparitha Karana Mudra”)

  • You lie down on your back, on the floor, then you raise your legs and place them in a vertical position against the wall.
  • You should place yourself very close to the wall for this exercise, back on the floor, without a pillow, hands and arms on the floor parallel with the body (See figure 12).
  • We beg the Most Sacred Holy Spirit to execute this transplant for us, to take the Moon from the brain and place it at our umbilicus and simultaneously take the luminous Sun from our umbilicus and deposit it in our brain.
  • Begging, pleading, and imploring the Holy Spirit to concede us the grace of making this change.
  • One should implore and plead, concentrating profoundly on the third Logos, so that he may come and perform the transplant of the Moon to the umbilicus and the Sun to the brain.
  • Putting an end to the exercise we stand and return to the prayer position Facing East.
  • In the prayer position lower your head and cross your arms on your chest.
  • Thank your Divine Mother and Father for their presence and assistance in these exercises.


                                              (Figure 0 - Prayer Position)


This Viparitha Karana Mudra is a truly marvelous rite to obtain the rejuvenation of the physical body; to reconquer that lost youth once more is urgent and necessary. The body should remain young and vigorous in the initiate that marches down the Path of the Razor's Edge.

Whoever manages to perform this exercise for three complete hours will defeat death and will have to reconquer youth, but, of course, we should begin doing it for no more than five minutes and then we will increase the time gradually, slowly, patiently, for example, increasing it by one minute daily. Whoever aspires to a rejuvenation of the body and a cure for all sickness, here we give them the marvelous formula, the Viparitha Karana Mudra.

- The Exercises of Lamasery, Samael Aun Weor 

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