This position of the human arc makes the blood rush to the head and cleanse and irrigate with lymph all the cranial zones.



                                               (Figure 11)


  • From that same position, form a human arc.
  • Having the head tucked well downwards below the chest.
  • Your hands still in their place, advance a few shorts steps forward, until you are converted into a human arc (See Figure 11).
  • Begin praying, asking, pleading, begging, your Divine Mother for what you most need.
  • Ask her to plead and beg her divine husband to grant you the cure or other necessity you need.
  • Identified with the third Logos Ask her to intercede for you before the Logos.
  • Ask her to summon the Holy Spirit, the Logos, imploring, begging him to cure you or for the benefit you have asked for.
  • Remain in this position as long as you need.
  • Then you lower your knees a little, you bend them so as to lower the body, you lift the hands and you get up, putting an end to the exercise.