The Divine Mother Kundalini is the central object of each Sadhana. When doing these exercises, one is in perfect concentration, is praying, is begging, pleading to the Divine Mother for his most pressing need. Through her, one can ask the Logos; she intercedes before the Logos, pleads for one, begs for one. She has great power. One begs her, the Divine Mother, to intercede for him or her before the Third logos, for a cure, for the awakening of our Consciousness, the awakening of any chakra, etc. Each position is different and means intensification of prayer, petitioning, pleading, begging. In these exercises of meditation, concentration and pleading, one can very well as his Divine Mother to invoke her divine husband, the Third Logos, the very sacred Holy Spirit. We already know very well that the Husband of the Divine Mother is the Holy Spirit. We have to beg and intensely beseech our Divine Mother so that she, in turn, begs and beseeches her divine husband to cure us, and relieve any illness or pain that is bothering us; then she will concentrate in the Logos, her husband, the Arch Hierophant or Arch Magus as he is called so that he may come and heal such and such a sick organ that impedes is from rendering work.

In these moments, one should identify with the Logos, with the Holy Spirit and, in a tremendous, imperious form, command the sick organ saying:                         BE HEALED! BE HEALED! BE HEALED! WORK! WORK! WORK!
One has to talk to the organ with true faith, with energy, with courage, since it has to be healed perforce. One has to definitely concentrate on each cell of the sick organ, on each atom, on each molecule, on each electron of the sick organ, ordering it to work, to be healed, that it be
cured, while being profoundly concentrated on the Logos, plainly identified with the Holy Spirit, that in these moments is performing the cure, healing the sick organ. In this way, the organ will have to be healed, it will have to be cured, that is obvious.

Therefore, it is advisable that each person learns to cure himself; through the strength of the Holy Spirit, one is able to cure himself; one is able to cure any illness. Always being sick is very sad, very painful and he, who is on the path, as I have told you should have no reason for being sick. With these exercises then, the chakras are developed and, on the other hand, the organism is healed. There are very important chakras, that of the occipital, for example, which is the door through which strength enters the organism. The frontal is another door through which vital forces penetrate the organism when the chakras are developed. The larynx, as I have said, has an intimate relationship with the prostatic chakra which is the one having to do with the sex; both male as well as female and the prostate as well as the larynx are important for the health of the organism; there is the chakra of the liver also; you know that the liver is a true laboratory. One has to develop this chakra so that the liver functions correctly because when the liver functions well, the organism also functions well.
There are also the chakras of the knees; they are two in each knee and they are vital to the human body. These vortices of strength should whirl intensively so life, prana, and health enters the human body.

- The Exercises of Lamasery, Samael Aun Weor 

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