Chakra Ajna 


    Plexus: Front or pituitary (cavernous)

    Church: Philadelphia

    Number of petals: 2 fundamental composed of 96 basic petals

    Color: Pure white

    Location: Between the eyebrows. First cervical vertebra.

    Governs: Lower brain, ears, nose and left eye

    Gland: Hypophysis or pituitary




Mantra I

Frontal Chakra. It is developed with the intonation of the vowel “I”. Like this: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (“i” is pronounced like the “ee” in the word “see”)

Faculty: Clairvoyance

-The Three Mountains Chapter 5, Samael Aun Weor


 Meditation with Mantra PROWEOA

This exercise enables us to perceive what exists in the Internal Worlds, in any Plane: Physical, Astral, Mental, etc.

When the student needs to urgently perceive something clairvoyantly, he will go into profound, internal mediation, while vocalizing this Mantra: PROWEOA

The vocalization will be done by prolonging the sound of each vowel.

-Logos, Mantra, Theurgy, Samael Aun Weor


Meditation on the birth and death of a plant

The best exercise in order to attain Imaginative Knowledge is the following:

While seated in front of a plant, we concentrate on it until we forget everything that is not related with it. Then, by closing the eyes, we become drowsy and keep in our imagination the form, figure, structure, perfume and color of the plant.

The disciple must provoke drowsiness during these practices.

The disciple, while in drowsiness, will profoundly meditate on the internal constitution of the plant.

The disciple will imagine the living cells of the plant. Each cell possesses protoplasm, membrane and nucleus. The protoplasm is a viscose, elastic, and transparent substance, similar to the egg white (album-inoid matter). The disciple, while in drowsiness, must reflect upon the four fundamental elements in the protoplasm of the cell of the plant. These four elements are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. 

The membrane is a marvellous substance without color, a substance within which the water becomes totally insoluble. This substance is the well-known cellulose. 

The disciple, while concentrated, will imagine the nucleus of the cell as a small corpuscle where the great universal life palpitates. The nuclear filament is within the nucleus, as well as the nuclear juice and the nucleolus which are all covered by the nuclear membrane. The nucleoli are infinitesimal corpuscles filled with brightness and beauty. These are residual products of the incessant reactions of the plant organism. 

The disciple, while well-concentrated, must imagine with complete logical precision all of those mineral substances and organic combinations that are harmoniously unfolding within the cellular protoplasm of the plant. Let us think on the grains of starch and on the portentous chlorophyll, without which it is impossible to reach the perfect organic synthesis. The chlorophyll is presented in granulated form (chloro-leucite) as a very beautiful yellow color (xanthophyll) that becomes that precious green color of the plant while under the solar rays. 

Every plant is a perfect cellular community with incalculable perfections. The student must meditate on the perfection of the plant and on all of its scientific processes. He must be filled with a mystic attitude and enchanted with so much beauty.

The mystic is in rapture when remembering all of the phenomena of nutrition, relation, and reproduction of each cell of the plant. 

Let us see the chalice of the flower. Here are its sexual organs; here is the pollen, the masculine reproductive element; here is the pistil or gynoecium, a very precious feminine organ with its ovary, stylus, and stigma.

The ovary is a sack full of marvelous ovums. The stamen can occupy different positions in relation with the pistil, for instance, insertion beneath the ovary, insertion around the ovary, or above it. 

Fecundation is verified with the function of the feminine germs and masculine gametes. After exiting the anther, the pollen, the masculine gamete, reaches the ovary of the plant where the ovum, the feminine gamete, is waiting with anxiety.

The seed is the precious and enchanted ovum that after being fecundated is transformed and grows. 

Now the student should remember the step on which he is meditating. A sprout will emerge as a delicate bud; imagine it growing slowly, until seeing it with your imagination spreading branches, leaves, and flowers. Remember that everything that is born must die. Imagine the plant’s process of dying. Its flowers wither; its leaves dry and the wind blows them away. Finally, only a few twigs remain. 

This process of birth and death is marvelous. By meditating on the whole process of the birth and death of a plant, by meditating on its marvelous life, if the concentration is perfect and a profound level of drowsiness is achieved, then the chakras of the Astral Body will spin, develop, and unfold.

Meditation must be done correctly. The mind must be exact. Logical thought and exact concept is needed for the purpose of developing the internal senses absolutely perfectly.

Every incoherence, every lack of logical and moral equilibrium obstructs and damages the evolution and progress of the chakras, disks, or lotus flowers of the Astral Body. 

The student needs a lot of patience, because any act of impatience takes him into failure.

The student needs a lot of patience, willpower, tenacity, and absolutely conscious faith.

On any given day, within dreams or while in Meditation, a distant picture, a landscape of nature, a feature, etc. emerges. This is a sign that the student is progressing.

The student elevates himself little by little into Imaginative Knowledge. The student is unveiling the veil of Isis little by little.

On any given day, the plant on which he was meditating disappears. Then, a beautiful child who replaces the plant is seen. That child is the elemental of the plant, the soul of the plant. 

Later, during a dream, he awakens his consciousness, then he can say, “I am in my Astral Body.” The Consciousness awakens little by little. In this way, the moment in which the disciple will acquire continuous Consciousness arrives.

When the student enjoys continuous consciousness, he no longer dreams; he can no longer dream, because his Consciousness is awakened. Then, even when the physical body is sleeping, he moves himself consciously in the superior worlds. 

Exact Meditation awakens the internal senses and performs a complete transformation of the internal bodies.

Whosoever awakens Consciousness has reached Imaginative Knowledge. This one moves in the world of symbolic images.

The symbols that the student saw while he was dreaming he now sees without dreaming, as before he was seeing them with a sleeping consciousness. Now he moves himself among them with an awakened Consciousness even when his physical body is profoundly asleep.

When the student reaches Imaginative Knowledge, he sees the symbols but he does not understand them. He comprehends that all of nature is a living scripture that he does not know. The student needs to elevate himself into Inspired Knowledge in order to interpret the sacred symbols of Great Nature.

-Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology and Criminology, Samael Aun Weor



“In the beginning was the Verb, and the Verb was with God, and the Verb God”.

The disciple should vocalize one hour daily, to awaken his occult powers.

The mantram “CHIS” serves to awaken the power of clairvoyance; this mantram is



The syllable “IN” also serves to awaken the power of clairvoyance; that syllable is



The mantram “RIS” is also used for clairvoyance. That mantram is vocalized like this:



The mantram “ISIS” is also a great mantram to awaken clairvoyance; that mantram is



One hour daily of vocalization, is better that reading one million books of Theosophism, Spiritism, etc.

Clairvoyance is the same imagination. For the sage, to imagine is to see. Whoever wants to become clairvoyant, has to reconquer his lost infancy. Whoever wants to be claivoyant must put an end to reasoning and accustom himself to see all things with the imagination.

The most powerful mantrams for clairvoyance, are the first syllables that the child

begins to syllabicate during his first years. These syllables are:


On pronouncing the first syllable MA, this syllable will be vocalize in a very high and acute manner.

On vocalizing the second syllable MA, it will be vocalized in a very low manner. The same shall be done with the syllable PA, PA. One’s voice is raised with the first syllable of each of the words, and w then be

repeated many times, lowering the note.


The pythonesses of Delphi received help from the God APOLLO and our disciples can invoke APOLLO during their exercises to awaken their clairvoyance. The pythonesses of Delphi awakened clairvoyance looking fixedly at the water for entire hours, and our disciples can do the same. In the atoms of infancy we have the power of clairvoyance. Those atoms are in our inner universe, and we can make them come to th surface through the syllables: MA MA, PA PA. The frontal chakra has 96 radiations and shines between our eyebrows like a lotus flower. This lotus flower has the Pituitary gland as its base.

-Manual of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor